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Thursday April 25 2019 

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2018 G.U.T.S Training SCHEDULE

July 30th update: 


         TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 6:30- 8PM

           Meet at THE EVELETH-GILBERT HS


     Contact  Coach Jon W if you have questions- (218) 780-7813







Week # 7 - FINAL WEEK - of GUTS July 23-28th

We're wrapping up our summer togetherness with this last week of group work outs, but YOU can still keep your groove on with your GUTS buddies

- until that first day of the fall sports season!  Here's what we are doing on week # 7.


Monday, July 23, Alpine Hill Hike + Nordic Trail Run, 4-5:30 pm at Giant's Ridge. Meet at the South Chalet.


Tuesday, July 24,  Strength & Core, 1 pm M.E. School

                              Running, 6:30-8 pm EG School 


Wednesday, July 25, End of GUTS SEASON TRIATHLON & PICNIC, 4-6 pm at Coach CJ's house. 5482 Spruce St. Aurora. 

                                  Run, Finnish Golf, Bean Bags. 

                                  GUTS shirts to be handed out.

                                  Food & Beverage, Bonfire & Smores. 


Thursday, July 26,  Strength & Core, 1 pm M.E. School 

                               Running, 6:30-8 pm EG School 


Saturday, July 28,  Fisherman's Point 5k Run / Walk, 9 am, Hoyt Lakes Arena. Sign up here or on race day. https://hoytlakescarnival.com/events/5k-road-race-walkrun/





Week # 6 of GUTS July 16-20th


Congrats to Cameron & Tyler for running the RED ORE 5K! Well done guys!

With several GUTS members currently at camps, on vacations, etc. we will take the roller ski & group events off of our schedule  for now, but keep the Fisherman's Point 5k Run / Walk on your calendar for the next outing! That race is Saturday, July 28th, 9 am in Hoyt Lakes. https://hoytlakescarnival.com/events/5k-road-race-walkrun/



Take a look at your weekly workouts for this week. 


Monday, July 16th, Trail Run, 4-5:30 pm at Giant's Ridge. Meet at the South Chalet.

Tuesday, July 17th,  Strength & Core, 1 pm M.E. School

                              Running, 6:30-8 pm EG School 

Wednesday, July 18th, Cycling, 4-6 pm. Meet at McKinely Bike Trail Head. The FREEZE will be on our route. 

Thursday, July 19th,  Strength & Core, 1 pm M.E. School 

                                Running, 6:30-8 pm EG School 






 Week # 5 of GUTS July 9-14th

Nice showing of our GUTS team over the 4th of July holiday!

There were many that took the 5k challenges of the Eveleth & Biwabik races and even folks who swam the Ely beach to Sparta beach (2.2 mile) open water event.

Others participated in the Mounted Shooting Event in Saginaw- a good muddy sprint work out! 

There's always room for more kids to join GUTS- bring them with to our training days & events! 



Monday, July 9th, Trail Run & Swim, 4-5:30 pm. Meet at Giant's Ridge Villa's by boat landing. 


Tuesday, July 10th, Strength & Core, 1 pm M.E. School

                             Roller Ski , 6 pm. Meet at Mckinley Bike Trail Head 

                             Running, 6:30-8 pm at EG School 


Wednesday, July 11th, Cycling, 4-6 pm, Meet at Mckinley Bike Trail Head. Bike to Virginia to the FREEZE & back on the Mesabi Trail. 

                                     Bikes available, let Coach CJ know if you need one.

                                     Two road bikes are ready to use for the rest of the summer also if anyone wants this option. 


Thursday, July 12th, Strength & Core, 1 pm M.E. School

                              Roller Ski, 6 pm. Meet at Giant's Ridge Villa's by boat landing. 

                              Running, 6:30-8 pm at EG School 


Saturday, July 14th: Red Ore 10k / 5k, Hibbing. Register online here:  http://www.redorerun.com/

*If there is enough interest, we'll go to this event with a school van. Let Coach CJ or Coach Jon know if you are doing this race.* 















                                           SUPER FUN MIDNIGHT RUN!                                                                                                                      


WEEK # 4 of GUTS - JUNE 25-30th 


Monday, June 25 - Trail Run & Swim  4-6 pm Giant's Ridge. Meet at Junction of Bronze Trail & Giant's Ridge Rd.

                               Look for Coach's car parked in the woods on the left before getting to the Ridge.  

Tuesday, June 26 - Strength & Core, 1 pm. ME Fitness Center.

                              - Roller Ski, 6 pm.  Hoyt Lakes Arena Parking Lot. 

                               - Running, 6:30-8 pm meet at  EG- high school

Wednesday, June 27 - Pre- mini Triathlon training, with a swim, bike, run practice. 

                                    Meet at the Mesabi East pool at 4 pm.

  • The swim will be about 250 yds after a brief lesson & warm up.
  • Bike course will be about 7-8 miles.
  • Run will cover 1.5 miles.

Swim suit / towel, bike / helmet, running shoes are needed for Wednesday’s plan.

Let Coach CJ know if you need a bike. 


Thursday, June 28 - Strength & Core, 1 pm. ME Fitness Center 

                              - Roller Ski, 6 pm. Mesabi East School. Meet at Pool lot. 

                              - Running, 6:30-8pm, meet at EG High School 




   Fri. June 29thChester Park Trail Race 5K, 6 pm. Duluth. http://chesterparktrailrace.com/ 

                         Coach Jon Wagner is available for this race, Coach CJ will not be able to go. 

                         Make a plan if you are interested, and let coach CJ /JW know!

                                                  *NO WORKOUTS July 2-7* (MSHSL policy)    

  Tues. July 3rd:   Image result for firecracker     Firecracker 5K in Eveleth. 8: 00 am. https://www.range5k.com/

  Wed. July 4th:   Related image  Biwabik Family 5K Run / Walk. 8:45 am. https://rangerunners.org/Registration?event=1002&race=116







WEEK #3 of GUTS - JUNE 18-22 


Monday, June 18 - Cycling, 4-5:30 pm Mesabi East School. (pool lot)

                            Helmets required. 

Tuesday, June 19 - Strength & Core, 1 pm. ME Fitness Center.

                          - Roller Ski,  6 pm. Meet at Mckinley Bike Kiosk. Helmets required. 

                          - Running, , 6:30-8 pm meet at  EG- high school

Wednesday, June 20 - Super Sized Group Run at Big Aspen Trails with dinner at the DQ after. (bring $) 

                                Carpool from Mesabi East & the YMCA. Leave M.E. at 3:30, meet at pool. Leave YMCA at 4pm. 

                                Return to ME around 6:30-7 pm. 

Thursday, June 21 - Strength & Core, 1 pm. ME Fitness Center 

                           - Roller Ski, 6 pm. Boat landing at Wynne Lake at Giant's Ridge

                           - Running, 6:30-8pm, meet at EG High School 

Friday, June 22 -   Midnight Sun Run 5K Duluth.

                              Carpooling- leave ME pool lot at 9:30 pm, stop at HONK the Moose in Biwabik, then pick up eveyone else at Super 8 at 10 pm. 

                              Return to area around 2:30 am.  Online registration here: https://www.midnightsunmidnightrun.com/

  *shirts to be ordered this week*

  *GUTS water bottles are in! *

  *extra bikes & helmets are available, let coach CJ know in advance* 




WEEK #2 of GUTS - JUNE 11-16

 - GUTS - is a cooperative program for any sport athletes from ME, VA, EG, MIB - 



Monday, June 11 -  Mystery Run, 4-5:30 pm. Meet at Coach CJ's house.

                                  5482 Spruce St. Aurora. 

Tuesday, June 12 - Strength & Core, 1 pm. Mesabi East Fitness Center.

                                Plyo, 5 pm. Mesabi East Elementary Gym.

                                Running, 6:30-8 pm. Eveleth-Gilbert HS.

Wednesday, June 13 - Super Sized Group Run, 4-5:30 pm. Meet at Biwabik Sliding Hill.  

Thursday, June 14 - Strength & Core, 1pm. Mesabi East Fitness Center. 

                                 Running, 6:30-8 pm. Eveleth-Gilbert HS. 

Saturday, June 16 - Peter Mitchell Days 5k in Babbitt. 


*shirts to be ordered June 15th- get in to a work out to try on a size*

* hanging out with a friend or two? bring em with - no matter when or what the workout! *

* not sure about what this training is all about? just stop in ...  free pass for first session! * 

*group roller skiing for Nordic peeps- w/ ME / VA / EG alumni skier JOSH JONES - to begin the week of June 18, days & times tbd* 





GROUP EVENTS  (Depending upon interest, we'll carpool to the events the kids want to do). 



Saturday, June 16th: Peter Mitchell Days 5k, Babbitt.  https://www.facebook.com/Peter-Mitchell-Fun-Days-118091014868539/ 

Friday, June 22nd: Midnight Sun Run 5k, Duluth. https://www.midnightsunmidnightrun.com/ SCHOOL VAN from M.E. will be used for transportation for this event. 

Friday, June 29th: Chester Park Trail Race 5k, Duluth. http://chesterparktrailrace.com/



Saturday, July 14th: Red Ore 10k / 5k, Hibbinghttp://www.redorerun.com/

Thursday, July 19th: Park Point 5 Miler, Duluth. https://grandmasmarathon.com/our-races/park-point-5-miler-2/

Sunday, July 22nd: Buzz Ryan Sprint Triathlon & Half Buzzed Triathlon, Island Lake. http://buzzryantriathlon.com/

Saturday, July 28th: Fisherman's Pt. 5k Run, Hoyt Lakes. https://hoytlakescarnival.com/events/5k-road-race-walkrun/



Saturday, Aug. 4th: Mesabi Trail Bike Tour. Bovey to Eveleth. Four routes to choose from. Group entry discount. https://www.mesabitrail.com/trail-activities/tour/