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Friday May 29 2020 

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Let's get GLOSSY!!
Sep 28, 2015, 8:27 pm


   Spread the word!  Collect from your area schools & businesses!  

   This is one of our best fundraisers and you know where the monies go!

   SKI WAX, SKI EQUIPMENT, SKI WAX, SKI WAX.  Oh and an occaisonal ski trip too!   









End of Summer Picnic, West Yelly Video & Important Dates to know
Aug 7, 2015, 11:24 am



Fantastic job & great support for our local bike trail last Saturday! Six cyclists of the GUTS team signed up for the Mesabi Trail Tour and biked 72, 53 or 25 miles!  




Well, this team is busy! These skiers are either roller skiing, blading, biking, running, swimming, lifting,  (& ahem.. racing dirt bikes..) working, marching in parades, or lending a hand at a race or a fundraiser.


On top of that - they are great kids to hang with! All that garners a big SHOUT OUT & THANK YOU to the parents- who guide, encourage & support them, all year long, in ALL their endeavors !!


A couple of things to kick around, make a plan, and get EXCITED for:  


    2015 WEST YELLOWSTONE SKI TRIP / CAMP - Nov. 20-28th -  GET ON EARLY SNOW !!  This is sponsored by our friends of Duluth East Nordic Racing Team! 

   -  Info will be coming out in September for this super fun ski trip out west. 

   -  Need to be a member of the ski team for at least 2 seasons.

   - $100 scholarships are given to each skier that attends. (the cost is around $ 500 for the trip) 

   -  Watch this short You Tube video for a preview of the 2015 TRIP! (made by J. Christianson of Endurance United Ski Club)

       click on link:     https://youtu.be/epg-tX54n4A   


   FALL SPORTS start up - AUG. 17th -   GET in SHAPE for SKIING folks! Do your regular thing - OR try something NEW !!  Good Luck !! 


    SKI SEASON begins - NOV. 9th - Looking forward to another incredible season!  Recruit your friends of ME / VA / EG to ski with you-  and make it the best season ever! ** managers needed  too ** 




                                                  MOre agility work is on tap for our ski season !!! 




The GUTS shirts are in & the end of  SuMMeR PiCNic is here! 


If we didn't see your face this summer, now is the time to show up! ALL are welcome to the annual end of summer picnic / BBQ!  Here are the details...


WHEN:  Saturday, Aug. 15, at McCarthy STate Park / Beach.  


LEAVE:  10 am from the EG School Parking Lot.  (also leaving from the pool parking lot at Mesabi East, at 9:30 am if you need a ride) 


DRIVERS: Are probably needed.  Let Coach CJ, Coach Wagner or Coach Hawley know if you can help w/ carpooling. 


BRING:  Running shoes & Swimsuits.


QUESTIONS: Call one of the coaches.  CJ, Wagner, or Hawley. 




Final Week of Summer Training!
Jul 27, 2015, 7:02 am


We're finishing things up this week and I have a few updates for the schedule....


Due to the predicted heat, we will move things to the morning for Tuesday & Wednesday. 


Tuesday 7/28:    9 am. Partner event.  Bike / Run.  Meet at Rental Shop at Giant’s Ridge.   Bike 5 min, Run 5 min. etc..  Bring a bike if you can. 

Wednesday 7/29:   9 am. Blade, Bike, Roller Ski. Meet at the YMCA , then heading to the bike trail in Mt. Iron.  Doing the DQ stop after. Bring $$.  

Thursday 7/30:  6 pm at the EG school.  Run w/ Hawley’s group.

Saturday 8/1:   (event) Mesabi Trail Tour.

* If you’re still thinking about this one, I still have free entry coupons.  So far - 5 team members have signed up*

  Here’s the link for more info:   http://www.mesabitrail.com/trail-activities/tour/   Bike anywhere from 11 -  72 miles!   This is a super fun, bike ride!


   Let me know if you have any questions.


   Nice job to the guys that ran the Fisherman's Point Race- Sam J, Sam H, & Lovaas. And to Double J      

    for leading on his bike!


  THANK YOU to all that attended the “unload the trucks” fundraiser for the MS TRAM Tour last Friday morning.

  Many hands (11 skier, 4 adults) made everything go quickly and smoothly. 

  What a great way to help a great cause- Multiple Sclerosis- while supporting the cyclists who were riding!


  With my gratitude---  coach Cj 




So many things to get done in these next 2 WEEKS !!
Jul 19, 2015, 11:52 am


 Two more weeks are left for the G.U.T.S. schedule… it is never too late to jump in & join a session or two or three or more!  And …  get registered for two upcoming events: 

 the  "Fisherman's Pt 5k" & the "Mesabi Trail Tour" ! 


 First up though is a quick FUNDRAISER - Friday, July 24th, 9- 11 am, at the Biwabik Soccer Fields.   We will be unloading cyclists gear for the MS BIKE TRAM.  



 Check out all the INFO & EVENTS that we have in store for Week 6 & 7:  (July 20 - Aug. 1)  on this website, under the 2015 G.U.T.S. Training Schedule page.



 Look for our last G.U.T.S. gig – a Kayak & Picnic - the week of August 3rd.  2015 G.U.T.S. shirts will also be available for pick –up at this event. 






Nice job to the GUTS folks- Stephanie, Lynnette, Ryan & Sam-  that ran the Park Point 5 Miler last Friday.  It was a steamy race!


The contrast of (summer) sweating and (winter) shivering is well observed, and I think appreciated!  The first day of ski practice is… November 9th 





   See ya soon! 






The G.U.T.S. schedule for the next two weeks is up - click on the menu under 2015 G.U.T.S. Summer Training. 


  ** This program is open to all students in 7-12 grades, and adults. You do not have to be a skier to participate.   ** 


BRING to sessions (ALWAYS) 





  Bring a friend to join us! 


In with the NEW... But we'll keep the OLD too...
Jul 7, 2015, 8:00 pm


 We had a great trail run at our favorite place today - GIANT'S RIDGE


 Come & hang w/ more skiers & runners on  Wed. 7/8- run / ultimate frisbee; 6 pm at the EG school. 

 Then on Thurs. 7/9- roller ski / blade; 10 am at the Hutter Bike Kiosk. 



                                    ** Mark your calendars for 10 am Friday, July 24 **

                         Our team will be unloading trucks in Biwabik for the MS Tram Bike Tour!




                                Some things change... the new & upcoming event center at Giant's Ridge ...


                                   ... While some things don't.... when digging for poles in the wax hut, the hut still has the

                                  smell & ever lasting fragrance - of freshly waxed ski's! 




The G.U.T.S. schedule for the next two weeks is up - click on the menu under 2015 G.U.T.S. Summer Training.

Bring your registrations & signed waivers.  I will also have some on hand.


** This program is open to all students in 7-12 grades, and adults. You do not have to be a skier to participate.   ** 



BRING to sessions (ALWAYS)






  Bring a friend to join us! 











WeeK 4 & 5 of G.U.T.S & shirt order
Jun 15, 2015, 11:19 am





TWO WEEKS, down and the rest of July to go!  G.U.T.S. will resume again on Tuesday, July 7th. New faces have shown up for training, and you are always welcome to join in!  



2015 G.U.T.S SHIRTS are going in for an order, if you'dl like one, let Coach CJ know by FRIDAY, JULY 3.

Sizes are xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl.  The cost is $ 17.00, and pay when they come in.  The color that was decided on this year is a deep puple.  These tech shirts make great work out shirts.   




The G.U.T.S. schedule for the next two weeks is up - click on the menu under 2015 G.U.T.S. Summer Training.

Bring your registrations & signed waivers.  I will also have some on hand.


** This program is open to all students in 7-12 grades, and adults. You do not have to be a skier to participate.   ** 



BRING to sessions (ALWAYS)






  Bring a friend to join us! 



It's time to train !!
Jun 10, 2015, 9:41 am


17 ATHLETES, 6 COACHES, & 1 SKI TECH attending & discussing summer training at the annual BBQ.


Sessions to be held in the ME / EG / VA areas. On the list for Wed. 6/10 & Thurs. 6/11 at 6pm - meet at the KeY at EG school for running & more.


A complete & detailed schedule will be posted soon!


For those of you who didn't make it, come when your schedule allows & we'll get you going! 


We're excited to have a full summer of many fun activities, and glad to see all your happy faces again!








Summa Summa Summa Time!
Jun 2, 2015, 6:03 pm


EVENT UPDATE:  (as of Sunday, June 7)



Skiers, familiies & friends!


Got your first event down on the calendar for the summer yet? This is a super fun event- and we have a nice crew doing this and the 1/2 on Saturday. 

There is still time to register for this fun 5k! Do it now, cuz it closes tomorrow - Monday, June 8th.

Here is the link to sign up:  http://www.grandmasmarathon.com/racesevents/william-a-irvin-5k/register-william-a-irvin-5k/ 


                                 Friday, June 19 at 6:00pm Duluth, Minnesota 




* The William A. Irvin 5K kicks off an exciting weekend of running events and festivities surrounding Grandma's Marathon.

The 3.1-mile course starts and finishes near the William A. Irvin Ore Boat located next to the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC).

This race is perfect for people of all ages and abilities*


Whatever your method- run, walk or a combination- just get going & join us!

Call Coach CJ if you have questions.                       



  SuMMeR is HERE !!  


Our SuMMeR BBQ is on tap!  Here are the details... 


WHen: Tuesday, June 9th, 5 pm - ?


WHeRe: Coach Johnson's house, 5482 Spruce St. Aurora


WhOCurrent skiers- Alumni skiers- Coaches  Anyone else interested in grades 7-12 +   


WhY: To get-together and discuss schedules so we can TRAIN and maintain that superb fitness level of yours!  


IdEAs:  Kayaking, Roller Skiing, Mountain Biking, Cycling, Weights & Strength Conditioning, Running. Plans for new TEAM Jackets & headbands too! 


EVeNts: Midnight Sun Run, Camping, Kayaking to Coach Peterson's house, Local 5k's, Park Point 5 Miler, and more!


PRoVided: Burgers/Brats/Buns, Bevrerage & SmORES.


BRiNg: A dish to share & a friend! 


THe ExTRa's:  Volleyball, Bag Toss, Frisbee, Bon Fire 



** Parents / Skiers that are new to our GUTS training plan **  


This summer program is VERY flexible & VERY accommodating to fit your family’s needs.  Our goal is to maintain fitness, while having a lot of FUN as a group.  We have a “come when you can” type agenda.  

We typically offer 2 days of work-outs in the Mesabi East / Giant’s Ridge area.  We also have 2-3 days in the EG / VA area.  The only fee is for the GUTS tech shirt- if your child wants one.

 All this & more will be discussed at the BBQ on Tuesday.  Hope to see you then!



 2015 G. U. T. S.    =   GET UP, TRAIN SMART! 




  Call, Text or email Coach CJ if you have questions! 

  (218) 750-7904, kcj@frontiernet.net 



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