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Monday July 23 2018 

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Jan 26, 2014, 9:32 am


Hello skiers! 

Due to the extremely cold weather that is arriving tomorrow, Giant's Ridge will be closed.  We kind of knew that this was probable, and ski practice is cancelled. 

Everyone needs to be on their skis TODAY!
Varsity/JV:  Ski at least a 10 k. Throw in some pick-ups, skiing hard for 30 seconds x 2 for each kilometer.  Speed work is needed!! We are closing in on the end of the season, and the weather hasn't been cooperating much for our practices. 
 The section teams will be determined from results at our final regular season pursuit race - this Friday, at Cook County.
JH: Ski a 5k, with a few bursts of speed. You are working towards the JH championships. 
Monday: get to your schools fitness center or YMCA.  Do strength / core etc. 
Coach CJ 



Week # 11 !
Jan 18, 2014, 10:17 pm

Our season is on the fast track, and practices and races are getting amped up! Look at the calendar, we have only two regular season races left (after Korkki)! The section meet is hitting us already on Feb. 6, with the JV / JH Champs, Charlie Banks relays & the State Meet- the following week.  We have a lot to squeeze in yet, I hope the weather will cooperate with us this week... 



    Needed: SNOWSHOES- for last Thursday's practice! Our JV skiers heading out to the woods- in search of a groomed trail....



SUPER JOB !!!  by our boys team at last weeks CEC Invite!  These guys really worked together on this day- where some guys fell down (literally), the other guys picked it up.  The varsity males took the # 1 podium spot and reigned for the day.  They were the recipient's of this week's coaches awards. A similiar pattern was conducted by our gals, with the team settling for # 2.  Only 10 little points ladies...  which means mere seconds from everyone!


Results are here:  http://www.boreal.org/~durfee/cec_invite_1_14_14.pdf


Get your 2014 Ski Team Hat!   The hats have arrived & are warm & comfy. (makes a great gift too!)   $ 22.00 each.    Available at practice.





Here is what we (should) be doing this week!


Mon. Jan. 20- Little Falls Pursuit.  Varsity only.  Leave Sunday, 2pm from ME. 2:30 from VA. Stay overnite.  Race start- 10:00 am.  Return 8 pm?


Tue. Jan 21 - Korkki Nordic, Two Harbors.  See meet line-up page.  Bring money - will stop to eat.

** Virginia & E-G SKIERS **  The VA school will transport skiers to Mesabi East on this day.  The bus will be at door # 6 at 7:15 am the VA high school.  Ski bus leaves

 Mesabi East pool parking lot at 8 am.  VA & E-G ski parents will need to pick up their skier from Mesabi East, once the bus has returned from the meet **   (7 pm?)


Wed. Jan. 22 - practice


Thursday. Jan. 23 - practice, ski /wax.  Jr. Nordic Club meets.


Friday, Jan. 24- Duluth East Invitational, at Snowflake Nordic Center.  Pursuit races, JV & JH races.  11:00 am start. more info to come.

** Virginia & E-G SKIERS **  The VA school will transport skiers to Mesabi East on this day.  The bus will be at door # 6 at 7:10 am the VA high school, with a stop at the Gilbert Jr. High at 7:20.  Ski bus leaves Mesabi East pool parking lot at 8 am.  VA & E-G ski parents will need to pick up their skier from Mesabi East, once the bus has returned from the meet **   (6-6:30 pm)?


                   Presenting... the 2014 Jr. Nordic Club! A very fun group - coached by Mr. Josh Peterson!



Week # 10 Well done, Kudo's, more THANKS, & no slowing down now...!
Jan 12, 2014, 11:49 am

WELL DONE!  To all skiers that raced in the biggest meet in the nation- the Mesabi East Invite! 


Our teams placed 5th (girls), while the boys showed up at 10th- really, really,  impressive standings for competing against 72 other teams from Minnesota, Wisconsin, & Michigan.  Our section ( # 7)  is also showing the rest of the state, just what we have going on.  This is a tough group to hang in (section 7), but we keep putting it out there, that the ME / VA / E-G skiers are not going away!  Full results from the ME Invite are here: http://my2.raceresult.com/details/results.php?lang=en&page=7&eventid=24241&contest=0&name=Result%20Lists%7CStart%20List%20By%20Time&format=view 


A NOD - to all of our Junior High & first year skiers, for attending the meet, cheering for your teammates, and making posters!  You'll be racing in this event sooner than you think! Kudo's too all the team for hanging out to the very end!  YOUR presence was well-noted at the awards ceremony (by all the other teams), with your front-row, arms-linked, hootin & hollerin' ambience!  All of you, make it fun, for all of us coaches- and that is the real deal! 




To all parents (& grandparents & siblings) who lent a hand to our very busy weekend, your help is hugely appreciated from us coaches & Giant's Ridge.  From the spaghetti feed on Friday, to standing outside at the race for 7 hours, along with providing a couple of tables of nutritious food for everyone, this event couldn't be done the way it is, without your continuing support!  The ME Invite was successful- all around, and we are grateful to work with such a great crew of families & friends....



Our Junior Nordic Club is on board now, with 8 young skiers.  Nice job to all of you for your warm welcome last week, and remember to encourage them when you see them on the trails, lend a hand on the bus, etc.   From what I saw, these kids are pretty good skiers already... !  




Week # 10 is going like this!


Monday, Jan. 13-  practice. Skate. 

Tuesday, Jan. 14 - Cloquet Invititational at Pine Valley - 2 pm. (changed from 11 am). Skate race.  Leave ME at 10:30, VA- 10:50, E-G 11:05

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Jan. 15,16, 17 - practice, mostly skate, but not definite.  Always bring your classic gear- just in case.  Junior Nordic Club meets on Thursday.

Saturday, Jan. 18- Marshall Sprints, Duluth.  Marshall school.  11:00 am.  Leave ME at 7:00 am, VA - 7:30.  We will stop to eat. 















Week # 9 and THE Mesabi East Invite!!
Jan 6, 2014, 9:23 pm

 BRRR!!! It is a ski season of many layers!  Parents- please keep reminding your skiers to dress warm for ski practice and always, always wear a HAT! EVERYWHERE!  65 % of your body heat is lost through the scalp / head.  With this kind of weather, we should all be wearing a hat -24/7!  (and MITTENS / LOBSTER MITTS are also a must when it is this cold)...


Official ski practice is cancelled again for Tuesday, due to the closure of our schools, and Giant's Ridge.  With that in mind, please find a way to be active.  Visit a ski trail that is secluded and surrounded by lots of trees, hit up the YMCA or your school fitness center / open gym.  Mesabi East is setting aside two hours tomorrow from noon-2pm for gym time for athletes....maybe wear that cool t-shirt from the exchange game for your work-out!


A super fun time is what we had at last week's race in Ely!  Their trail system was condusive to some great performances for all of our team members.  Lots of snow to ski on- that was an evident factor - and the long climb to the finish was a burner- so I was told.  But, we finished close to the top, and that says a lot!  Results at http://www.boreal.org/~durfee/ely_fs_invite_1_4_14.pdf  Captain's Awards will be on tap at Wednesday's practice.   



  Since we are working on this, check out this You Tube video on Open Field technique-  listen to the commentary. 





Our Tuesday (Jan. 7) ski meet for Korkki NOrdic in Two Harbors- has been shuffeled around a few times, (due to the cold unskiable weather) but is now set for Tuesday, Jan. 21. 


This is our week- with the big Mesabi East Invitational on Saturday, and one of our best fundraisers- the spaghetti feed- the night before, at the Biwabik Pavilion.  1300 skiers will be racing at Giant's Ridge! Parents- make sure you sign up for your favorite volunteer spot on the course- it is truly a fun day!  Call John Filander at 865-8021 for more info. 


The rest of the week fills in like this:


Wed. Jan. 8- practice.  V & JV - ski technique / trails for Mesabi East Invite.  See meet-line up page.  JH - skate work.

Thurs.  Jan. 9 - similiar to Wed.  Also the first night of the ME / VA / E-G JR. Nordic Club - spread the word to the 5th & 6th graders that you know!

Fri.  Jan. 10 - Easy ski / wax for ME Invite, and then help out & eat as a team - at the spaghetti feed, (around 6 pm) at the Biwabik Pavilion.   

Sat. Jan. 11 - ME Invite at Giants Ridge.  Races start at 10:00 am. Classic skiers arrive at GR by 8:00 am, Freestyle by 9:00 am.  We will be holding camp in the fitness center in the Lodge.  It's a long & fun day- bring what you need to rest & fuel up for the day. All JH & first year skiers- please come and spend the day cheering and supporting your teammates!

Sun. Jan 12 - MYSL Giant's Ridge Youth SKi League begins.  I encourage all of our team members to lend a helping hand to one of the ski lessons groups.  Sign up on the board or show up at 1:45 pm at the timing building.  From 2-3 pm, you can be a shiny star for these up and coming skiers! 


  Skiers showing off their prized t-shirts from the team Christmas Party!



Week # 8, first week of the NEW YEAR!
Jan 1, 2014, 2:30 pm


Happy New Year everyone! 


Our team finished off 2013 with productive holiday break practices, a great ski meet, and a memorable visit to MAPLELAG.   Glad to see so many of you on your skis over the holiday, and working together as a team. You know what we need to do in the next month! 


Congrats to the boys & girls Varsity Teams for taking that number 1 spot on the podium at Deer River, along with all of our other JV & JH skiers- there were many top ten ribbons being passed out to our skiers.  Did everyone happen to see two of our skiers in the "honorable mention spots" in the Mesabi Daily News recently?   Emma Hafdahl made last Sunday's edition for her 3rd place finish at the Grand Rapids meet, and Sam Johnson got the same nod for his win at Deer River.  It is nice to see - the reporters giving the sport of X-C skiing some press!  Complete results can be found at Skinnyski.comhttp://www.skinnyski.com/racing/highschool/2013/dec28blueberry.pdf  If you haven't notched this site as a favorite- I hope you do soon! 




Here is a look at what we'll be doing within the first week of January... 


Thursday 1/2: Practice  4-6 pm.  Skate - Ladders.


Friday 1/3: Practice 3:30-6 pm.  Easy ski & wax, along with our CHRISTMAS PARTY.  Bring your Secret Santa gifts, and a gift bag with one of your old, favorite, or not-so-favorite, crazy, ugly, T-SHIRT, for the t-shirt  exchange game.


 Saturday 1/4:  Ski Meet - Ely.  11:00 am.  5K Skate.  Leave Mesabi East at 7:30 am, VA at 8:00 am



Week # 7 !!
Dec 26, 2013, 5:25 pm

Merry Christmas!

A couple of updates... 


Friday Dec. 27th practiceSki & Wax (for those going to Saturday's race)


Maplelag Ski Trip:   

  Bring:  sleeping bag, pillow, towel, swimsuit, all ski equipment, head lamps (if you have one)

   water bottle, snacks, toiletries, clothes,etc.

  Leave: Mesabi East at 7 am on Sat. Dec. 28, pick up VA / E-G skiers at 7:30- high school door # 6.

  Race:  Blueberry Hills Classic in Deer River.  Race time- 11:00 am.  After race, finish driving to Maplelag



                        ** Christmas Break Practice **  for the Varsity & JV teams. 

                                               Monday, Dec. 23: TBD.  11:00 am or late afternoon.

                                               Thursday & Friday Dec. 26, 27:  11:00 am

                                               *Saturday, Sunday, Monday 12/28-12/30:  Mapelag Trip &

                                                Blueberry Hills Classic Race (Sat. - 11:00 am)

                                                Thursday, Jan. 2: Practice, 4 pm

                                                Friday, Jan. 3: Practice & Xmas Party, 3:30 pm

                                                Saturday, Jan. 4: Ski Meet - Ely


** Jr. High / first year skiers- ski on your own as much as possible during the holidays. **

Week 6 - bring out our SKATE Skis!
Dec 15, 2013, 4:42 pm

** Christmas Break Practice **  for the Varsity & JV teams. 

                                               Monday, Dec. 23: TBD.  11:00 am or late afternoon.

                                               Thursday & Friday Dec. 26, 27:  11:00 am

                                               *Saturday, Sunday, Monday 12/28-12/30:  Mapelag Trip &

                                                Blueberry Hills Classic Race (Sat. - 11:00 am)

                                                Thursday, Jan. 2: 4 pm

                                                Friday, Jan. 3: Race at Mt. Itasca, 11:00 am


** Jr. High / first year skiers- ski on your own as much as possible during the holidays. **


The forecast is going to be balmy this week... so much, that we are going to dig our skate skis out and remember how to use them! 


Saturday's Ely Classic (at Snowflake) was a great way to kick off our season! Most of the team raced, (even our newbies) and showed us coaches and the competition that they know how to ski.  Congrats to the Varsity boys & girls for rockin' that first place spot on the podium for team standings! Our JV skiers proved their times in their 5k races also, and our Jr. High / first year skiers are just plain fun to watch! 


Love the smiles everyone -   maybe that can be the ME / VA / E-G ski team's signature ski accessory!  Keep it up- and keep working hard at practice! 




Results are posted at this website throughout the season, so save it to your favorites!

www.boreal.org/~durfee/results.htm   (Steve's Timing out of Grand Marias)



With our first race under our belts, we look ahead to the next week of practice and races. 


Monday 12/16- Wed. 12/18


-  Skating most of the week, but classic may be thrown in there too.

-  Waxing for this weeks meet will take place Tues, Wed, Thurs. before & after skiing.  Find some time to get to practice early or cut your heavies / core  a bit short one night.  Two pairs of skis to get done folks!

- Captain's Awards will be presented for the Ely Classic race.


Thursday 12/19: (instead of Friday, 12/20)


- Ski Meet hosted by Grand Rapids, at Mt. Itasca in Coleraine.    Rolling Pursuit format for V/JV.   Regular races for  JH.  More info on the meet detail page later in the week and all ski meet locations can be found on the menu tab too.


Friday 12/20: Practice.



MapleLag Ski CAmp: Sign up & pay $ 70.00 by Wed. Dec. 18th  ( make check to booster club) to reserve your spot.   Parents call me if your'e interested in going.  We'd love to have you.  Find the details on previous website pages.



                                                The 2013 / 2014 ME / VA / E- G Nordic Racing Team



Its a PUFFY JACKET kind of week! # 5
Dec 11, 2013, 7:52 am

Hard to believe it is week # 5 already!  How does this happen???  



With the great attitudes, enthusiasm and chemistry of all our skiers, we are starting to build a format for the season. Getting early SNOW always makes things easier and way more fun!   It's been cold, (skiing in puffy warm jackets) but these kids are TOUGH and SERIOUS about their skiing!





                                                       Get your "Buff" on!     


 I can't say enough about this season's team..! 


A couple of notes for this week....




Wednesday, Dec. 11th.  Continue to dress warmer than usual for the outdoors.  This supposedly is the coldest day of the week. Waxing will take place for Saturday's race.  Be prepared to ski though also.    


Thursday, Dec. 12th.  Picture Day- Enstrom Studios.  Forms went home with the skiers.  Skiing- it's the warmest day of the week! 


Friday, Dec. 13th.  Skiing. 


Saturday, Dec. 14th.  Ski meet to be held in Duluth at the Snowflake Nordic Center instead of Ely.  Race time: 11:00 am. Classic races.

 Leave Mesabi East at 7:30. Virginia  High School  at 7:50.  All E-G skiers come to Virginia school to be picked up.  Return home around 6 pm or earlier.

 We will stop to eat.



2nd Annual Maplelag Ski Trip:  All team members our welcome on this trip- even our first year skiers!  This ski camp is scheduled for Sat. Dec. 28 - Mon. Dec. 30. Three days and two nights.  Arrive back in the Virginia area late afternoon on Monday.  Our booster club will pay for one day/ night, so the total cost of the trip,for each skier will be $ 70.00.  (not $65 as stated earlier)  This fee includes the trail pass, all meals at the resort, and a ton of fun. Parents are encouraged and welcome to join us - and we may need adult drivers.  (call or email me if interested)  The sign up list is on the bulletin board, sign up by DEC. 16th.  Check back for more team info on this outing as more details emerge.  The Maplelag website is: http://www.maplelag.com/








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