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Sunday January 20 2019 

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Week # 6
Jul 14, 2013, 6:51 pm



Whew- last week was full of great accomplishments!  Running 5 1/2- 6 (very hilly) miles with a hiccup of rock strength training on Monday, then upper body / core of  kayaking / sup / (coach canoe dumping) on Wed, while wrapping our Thursday with a partner deal of a run / bike event.  Nice job everyone!!!


  OOps- I accidentally deleted the last home page, (week # 5)  I'll try to recoup some of that info within this next week.... anyway, here is what is shaping up for week #6 of our summer training plan...


Monday, July 15th -  Nordic walking / hill bounding, Giant's Ridge.  note time change: 4-5:30. 

Wednesday, July 17th - EXTREME & SUPREME TOTAL WORKOUT:  Run, Weights, Pool Workout at Mesabi East, 4-6 pm.

Thursday, July 18th- LSD. (long slow distance), followed by a cool dip in Lake Ore Begone, Gilbert,  4-6pm.

Saturday, July 20th- The Color Dash 5k, YMCA, 9:00 am.  http://www.thecolordash5k.com/virginia-minnesota.html



 And... our fundraising efforts continue!


Two events have arrived on our calendar....



  • The MS TRAM Bicycle Tour will be spending the day & night in Biwabik on Wed & Thurs. of this week. (7/17 & 7/18).  We are called into duty on both days, at 7:00 am, with an ending time of 10:00 am.   This is a great community service project and our team will receive a nice stipend for helping out!  And you all know where that fun money goes...   SKI TRIPS !!   Remember way back (in May) when I asked who could all lend a hand to unload and reload gear for this group?   Well, skiers, it is time to perform.  So... let's put on our  "Minnesota NORDIC Nice" for the 900 cyclists that are raising money for Multiple Sclerosis! 


When: Wed: July 17- 8 am. Thurs: July 18- 6am

Where: Biwabik Soccer Fields

Who: all skiers who are available- and bring a friend- it'll be fun!  



  • The FISHERMAN'S POINT 5K Run / Walk is our biggest team fundraiser and- our team has been hosting this race for 8 years now! Registrations are coming in, t-shirts are on order, awards are being finished, and door prizes collected. ( know some organization or business that would want to donate an item? – most do, if just asked! )  Laughing


When: Saturday, July 27th starting at 7am

What: set-up, registration, course control, finish line postings, & tear-down help. The race is at 9am, with everything winding down by 10:30-11:00 am.  

Where: Hoyt Lakes Arena


** Parents ** Please let me know if you are able to lend a hand, email me by Monday, July 22. I need to know how much help will be available.


** Skiers **    come set up before you run the race…. and if you aren’t running or walking, you need to work the race in some capacity, in order to receive reduced fees for the 2012/13 ski trips. (West Yellowstone & Maplelag)   Registration for all team & family members is $ 10.00. Download an entry form off this website.



THANK YOU in advance!! None of this is possible without a great support crew- like the Nordic Skiers & their Families!


See you soon!




Jun 16, 2013, 11:00 am

Week # 2 Summer Training


It was a fun first week of training- good food, old & new friends, sunny skies, and cold lakes! 


A blending of programs has come into play, as Coach Jon Wagner (E-G CC / Track) & I have decided to mix our fitness interests together to make it easier for all athlete's involved from Mesabi East, Virginia & Eveleth-Gilbert.  The more kids- the more fun! Come as often as your and your parents' schedule allows!


Here is what the schedule looks like for week # 2.

 All sessions run 4-6 pm unless noted otherwise.


Monday, June 17th: Giant's Ridge. Silver Trail Run. Roller Boards / Core.

Wednesday, June 19th:  Mesabi East. Distance Run through Forest & Creeks.

Thursday, June 20th:  Big Aspen.  Fartlek Loops.  Meet at YMCA.  Bring money for Dairy Queen stop after.



                                       Wednesday's 5 1/2 mile forest run with a mine pit "de-bug" & cool off.




- Always remember to bring a WATER BOTTLE.

- Carpooling from Mesabi East, at 3:30 in the pool parking lot.  Stops at Honk the Moose in Biwabik.


** For Carpooling: Call, text, or email me to let me know when you need a ride so I can plan drivers accordingly.  Parents- I may ask for a driver every now & then....**


And a couple of other notes.... 

GOOD LUCK to all who are running the William Irvin 5K Race in Duluth on Friday!  

LIKE us on Facebook!  Our ski team has a page- click on:    https://www.facebook.com/#!/MesabiEastVaEGNordicSkiTeam



Coach Cheri J. 

229-2413, home (218) 750-7904, cell








Summer Training Week # 1
Jun 12, 2013, 8:11 pm


A perfect day for our first summer training gathering! 


Glad to see old & new faces! A big welcome to everyone, it's going to be a ton of fun - getting fit together!


For those of you who didn't make it to today's session, come when you are able! Just keep checking this site for locations, times and activity.




THURSDAY June 13th:  Run & Swim: meet at Lake Ore Be Gone (in Gilbert) at 4 pm.

                                              Carpool from Mesabi East- 3:30 in pool parking lot, 3:40 at Lucky 7 in Biwabik.              

                                                 **  Bing a water bottle to all training sessions **




May 14, 2013, 10:47 am

(posted Monday, June 3)                                  ** Picnic / Registration Update **    

** New & current students from Mesabi East: meet at pool parking lot at 3:30 to carpool to Giant's Ridge**

Due to the Mesabi East Track Banquet that is scheduled for Wed. June 5th,  the team’s summer training PICNIC / REGISTRATION event has been changed to next Wednesday, June 12th   , 4pm at Giant’s Ridge.  I'll provide the chicken & beverages.  ME / VA / E-G skiers bring a dish to share.  Everyone else- just come!  


**  At this time we will also have our first work-out session, so bring your running shoes! **


Sorry about the short notice, I just found out about the track banquet. 


Let me know if you have any questions.


Cheri J.




Hello ski fans!


Summer Training info is now out. Again this year, it is an informal program – designed to fit your needs to keep your base fitness going while having some fun with others in a group training structure.


The dates of the program are June 12-July 31. No training from July 1-7.  The fee is $ 50.00 for each participant.


 A picnic / informational & sign-up meeting will be held Wed. June 5th, 4pm  at Giant's Ridge.  Bring a dish to share. 


As of now, the days are set for Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 4-6 pm. This time frame can change be changed up, we will determine what fits most people’s schedule and go from there.


Besides trail running and cycling, we will be utilizing roller boards, fitness bands, kettle balls, etc. for increased strength & core training. Roller skiing isn’t in my realm this summer, unless someone else comes on board to take over that aspect. IF you want to get more involved with roller skiing, the Lake Superior Ski Club (out of Duluth) has a fantastic program that will get you going. We do have some ski team members that will be partaking in those sessions twice a week. For more information on LSSC, give me a call.


Some goal – setting events that I have in mind are: 


  The William Irvin 5K (race is filled) 

 The Color Dash, http://www.thecolordash5k.com/virginia-minnesota.html

  The Fisherman’s Pt. 5k, http://patchins.net/fishermanspoint5k (our team's biggest fundraiser)

  The Mesabi Trail Bike Tour  ,http://www.mesabitrail.com/great-river-energy




** All and any athletes- grade 7-12 are welcome to join, (not just skiers), so bring a friend or two!**



Let me know if you have any questions.


Enjoy your last weeks of school & good luck in your spring sport tournaments!


See you soon!


Coach Cheri J.

How much was collected??
Apr 11, 2013, 8:15 pm


Spring Magazine Update....



                                        5093.84 Kilograms

                                             5.615 Tons

                              11, 230 POUNDS !!!




In between the recent snow storms, the Magazine Drive was wrapped up as of Wednesday.


Take a look at the pictures to see how many people contributed their magazines and took an interest in our Spring recycling cause!  The trailer was full to the brim, and the boxes in the back of the truck were also full of magazines. 


 Whatever the outcome for magazine poundage turns out to be, I think that it is even a bigger (profit) - that our neighboring communities realize that the ME / VA / E-G NORDIC SKI TEAM is out there providing a service to improve the environment!


Thanks to everyone for lending a hand this past month, and to the Greenlee, Babich, Hafdahl, & Krog families for enduring the crazy weather at the EarthFest.   I think the oldest magazine found this time around was a 1941 Popular Mechanix, (yep- it was spelled that way) and it sold for 15 cents. I imagine there are several (less-cluttered) closets on the Range now!  



Don't quit saving though,  and spread the word... sounds like the Fall drive will be September 13


Check back for the final results- Tom Krog will be unloading all of this on Saturday!






Register for your spot at the WILLIAM A. IRVIN 5K RACE
Apr 4, 2013, 1:50 pm



This race is the kick-off to Grandma's Marathon weekend! (Friday, June 21, 6pm)

Many of you take part in some summer running events, and this one is filling up fast.  Only 500 spots were open as of Thursday…

Join us for a fun time!

Check out the William Irvin 5k  and sign up for a great race!  


Here is the link: http://grandmasmarathon.com/site/index.php?page=alias-8


Happy running!


Cheri J.



Magazine Drive, JO's, Kudo's, Congrats, Facebook
Mar 24, 2013, 12:19 pm

SKIING anyone?


I think Mother Nature has dealt us a severe blow to our ski mentality lately!  Still the skiing is wonderful- I hope that you have found some time to get onto the trails when your (spring) schedule has allowed...  I feel for all of you that are trying to run on the track, swing that club, and catch those balls....  and for the coaches that are finding all the angles to keep your training positive and interesting- hang in there- &  Good Luck!


A couple of items were note-worthy of a website update... 


- The TEAM'S SPRING MAGAZINE DRIVE- is in full force with articles and ads in the Hometown Focus, the Range Times, the MDN & ER Shopper, and the EarthFest committee.  I have seen flyers posted here and there also.  Keep spreading the word- everywhere you go!  If you haven't checked your local library or school, now is the time to do it! Our local collection at the Johnson's is a daily array of people stopping and dropping off their bundles, we are off to a great start! 


NEEDED: VOLUNTEERS  for the main collection at the EarthFest on Saturday, April 6th.  We'd like to have a group of 4 skiers for each 2 hour shift.  The event runs from 9-3.  Here is a time frame.  9-11, 11-1, 1-3. 


 Also NEEDED:  Someone to make 2-3 posters to put on the truck / trailer at the Earthfest.  Neon colors would be helpful.  Please email me with your preferred time spot, and if you're up to some artful poster making.  Here is more info on the collection: http://www.hometownfocus.us/news/2013-03-15/Features/Free_electronics_and_magazine_recycling_at_Iron_Ra.html




Anna Johnson had a great week in Fairbanks, and would like to see more "Northern" skiers involved in USSA.  She spent 8 days in Alaska, with 4 days of racing.  The other days were made up of training and playing tourist.  Her best race ended with the cumulation of the race week, a 5k mass start classic.  Out of 68 skiers, Anna paced the Midwest J2 girls team with a 15th place finish.  Overall, the Midwest Team (45 skiers) came away with the 3rd place Team Podium standing for the Alaska Cup.  Teams Alaska and New England were first and second respectivley. 




KUDO's to Spencer, Nate, Paul, Isaac, Ian, Reed & Sam who all skied the PEPSI CHALLENGE!  A nice showing and support for our local race.  Remember to turn in your uniforms to me asap.  Along with that, a (literary) KUDO goes out to Emma H, who graciously shared her thoughts on Nordic Skiing in the latest Generation W newspaper.  THANKS Emma, the "PR" is always welcomed to let others know what we skiers do!



And... CONGRATULATION's to two of our favorite ski fans & team supporters.... JACK JEFFERY & JOHN FILANDER.  These gentlemen have been nominated to receive the Minnesota Nordic Skiing Association Lifetime Achievement Award.  They will be honored at the Nordic Ski Banquet at Theo Wirth on Sunday, March 24.  WOW- we couldn't be more excited to be in the company of Jack & John all season long!  I am sure the bios below are a very shortened version of the real thing...  Thanks for all you do!  


MNSA Lifetime Achievement Award Nominees


Jack Jeffery

Jack Jeffery has been involved building Nordic skiing for fifty years. He began teaching and coaching skiing at Aurora-Hoyt Lakes in 1966 and did so for forty years. He was three times Minnesota State Coach of the Year. He served on the Minnesota State High School League Advisory Council for Nordic Skiing for twenty years. Jack established the Aurora-Hoyt Lakes Invitational in 1966 that transcended into the Mesabi East Invitational which has become the largest high school cross-country event in the nation.

He also served as head coach for four Junior Olympics, and as technical delegate for many regional and national meets including Senior Nationals, Super-Tours, and served as Central Division Cross

-Country Volunteer Coordinator and Chief of Stadium Entry in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.       

Jack has given thousands of hours building Nordic skiing in Minnesota, and richly deserves MNSA’s award. 


John Filander

Giant’s Ridge has played a major role in the development of Nordic skiing in Minnesota and John has played a central role in that effort. For decades the Ridge has hosted Pepsi Challenges, International Classic races, multiple World Cups, multiple Junior Olympics, multiple Olympic trials, ski clinics, the Mesabi Invitation Ski Meet (the largest high school cross-country event in the nation), the Minnesota State High School Cross-Country Ski championships. For nearly 30 years, John’s task has been to make sure all runs smoothly.

Additionally, as a qualified Technical Delegate, John has officiated at World Cup, Olympic Trials National Championships, many Birkies and as Assistant Chief of Course at Soldier Hollow at the Salt Lake Olympics.

John’s love of skiing is palpable. With a lifetime devoted to skiers and skiing, John greatly deserves MNSA’s award.




OK, that's it for now.  Again, please email or call me to set up your time for the Earth Fest Magazine Collection!

See you on the trails.

LIKE US on FACEBOOK !   https://www.facebook.com/#!/MesabiEastVaEGNordicSkiTeam





THANKS, Good Luck , Magazines, & TEAM VIDEO
Mar 4, 2013, 9:26 am

THANK YOU to all who celebrated another wonderful season of the ME / VA / E-G Nordic Ski Team at last night's banquet.  It was a  meaningful evening of memories, stories, and future possibilities!  The coach's gifts were perfect- we all loved them- and we'll certainly put the "gag gifts" in our team's artillery for next season!  Those were spot on fun for all our team members, and very appropriate. (wink!)


I didn't get a chance to visit with everyone, but know that I appreciate each and every ski parent in our program, and know, that your skier has a place on our team- always. THANK YOU PARENTS for being their number one ski fan and supporter!



More THANKS abound to ....   


Jack- thank you for being our USSA coach / mentor, and our "Saturday Technique with Jack" clinician!   

Dale & Sally Zamlen for their support and presence surrounding the "Dan Zamlen Memorial Scholarship". We'll never forget...

Peggy Giese, Joyce Holmes, Deb Miessner for the nicely done banquet and extra's.  You ladies have the banquet "know-how" down to a science! 

Welcome to the new ski booster board & for committing to next season's adventure! 

To our Captain's for the fine job you all performed within our team this season! 

To our skier's for being one of the best teams ever- Congrats to all of you- for a terrific season! 



2012 / 2013  ME / VA / E-G Nordic Ski Team Video


Want a recap of the season? View the 2012/13 Team Video here: Click on: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=455021901237359&l=1708862793605444881




CONGRATS to skier EMMA GREENLEE!  Emma once again won the regional Spelling Bee, and will once again make the trip to Washington DC in June, to compete in the National Spelling Bee!  Way to Go!  We are super P- R-O-U-D of you!!


GOOD LUCK and FAST SKIS to skier ANNA JOHNSON as she competes on the Midwest Junior National Team in Fairbanks, Alaska from March 11-16.  We'll be cheering for you!



 ** Remember to spread the word and collect as many magazines as possible for our Spring Magazine drive, and to check in with volunteering on April 6th, at the Earth Fest in Mt. Iron.




Continue the team camaradarie and friendships throughout your spring happenings, and

Good Luck in your next school / sports activities.  I will be cheering for all of you- from my perch in the bleachers!



Summer Training .... will start up in June.  Stay -tuned!


See you on the trails!





















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