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Wednesday September 26 2018 

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Congrats to All SKIERS! GOOD LUCK CHRISTINE & CB Relay Racers!
Feb 11, 2018, 2:57 pm

The final countdown!

Great skiing by all these last few days!  

Our section teams skied to a 5th place (girls) finish, and a 6th place spot for the boys. We had a great day and many 

goals were met!  AND... CONGRATS to senior skier CHRISTINE HAFDAHL on her STATE MEET berth!

Lightening Fast skis to you on Thursday! 




The JV / JH Championships were held this past Saturday, and those results showed what we'll have coming up

through the ranks next season and beyond!                     

And...  as often as it is said at practice .... 

NORDIC SKIERS ARE TOUGH ATHLETES!!  In. Every. Way. Possible.  AND SMART!! Congrats to both of our Section Teams on earning academic awards.

The Section ladies earned the Gold Award, with a combined GPA of 3.86, and the Section guys received a Silver Award with GPA's of 3.61.                                              


With just a few events listed on our upcoming schedule, planning will begin shortly for next season!                                         


But first up, get your 2018 Jessie Diggins US XC Team fix with viewing all the nordic events! 

Everything that is happening in PyeongChang is listed on the new 2018 Olympic XC SKi Schedule page on this site.  Goooo Jessie!! 


                                                  Image result for 2018 olympic mascot image


Let's keep things going, before the snow melts!  

Monday, Feb. 12: Practice for Christine and CB relay skiers. 

                            Relay Teams: Callie / Hannah - classic + Briar / Natalie - skate.

                                                 Reid / Parker- classic + Jared / Isaac - skate.

                                                Kevin / Nick - classic + Aaron / Tylen - skate. 

                          All others are finished for the season -unless you have transportation & want to come ski on your own

                          on Feb 12 & 13. There will not be any more bus transportation from VA schools. (except on Tuesday, Feb 20)

                          All team equipment and uniforms need to be turned in at the Hot Dog Trail Roast (Feb. 20)

                          or at the end of season banquet. (March 4) 


Tuesday, Feb. 13: Practice - State / CB Relay skiers.               


Wednesday, Feb 14:  State Send Off at VA school - 8:15 am. 

                                  Waxing at Coach CJ's house - 10:30 am, Lunch at the HIVE.

                                  CB Relays- 1pm at Giant's Ridge.


 Thursday, Feb. 15:    2018 STATE MEET, 10 am start.

                                   GO GET IT HAFDAHL!! 

                                   *A note is needed from your parents to attend the State Meet. 

                                   (You will not be excused from school)


*Tuesday, Feb. 20:  Turn in equipment / uniforms & Annual Hot Dog roast on the trails. 

                                Giant's Ridge- 4 pm. There is a bus for VA / EG / MIB skiers. 


* Saturday, March 3rd:   Pepsi Challenge Race at Giant's Ridge. Ski the 8, 24, or 48k! 

 Sign up by Feb. 26th, with paper registration. (not online) Give to Pepsi Deb Maki. See her email from 2/11. Booster Club will pay your entry fee. 

                                                                            Pepsi Challenge Banner                       

* Sunday, March 4:         End of Season Banquet. 5pm at the Biwabik Pavilion. More info to come.                            



It's the Section Meet, JV / JH Champs Week!
Feb 5, 2018, 9:02 am


There are only Three Rules on this Team.


1. Be a great person.  2. Be a great student.  3. Be a great athlete.   In that order. 




Week # 13 ?!?! - the week we've all worked towards or umm....  FORWARD... 




The show starts on Thursday, Feb. 8th with our Section 7 Meet at Giant's Ridge & wraps up on Saturday Feb. 10th with the JV / JH Champsionships at Spirt Mtn in Duluth. 

We have lots going on- so set your bodies & minds on those extra high gears of



And speaking of the above traits- ALL SKIERS- YOU NEED TO READ THIS! 

** Minnesota girl, 2010 Stillwater graduate, now Olympian "Jessie Diggins" most recent blog on FASTERSKIER.com- titled "BRAVE ENOUGH". ** 

Here is the link: http://blogs.fasterskier.com/jessiediggins/?post_id=39808

The 2018 Winter Olympics begins Thursday, Feb. 8th. GO USA NORDIC!! 



PS- the Ely Invite was a great way to end our in season races. Great ski results were on tap, with more to come- pretty sure of that! :) 


ME / VA / EG / MIB 2018 Section Teams 

Boys: Reid, Isaac, Parker, Jared, Tylen, Kevin, Aaron. Alternates: Jack, Nick. 

Girls: Anna, Christine, Callie, Natalie, Hannah, Briar, Stephanie. Alternates: Klara, Lauren.  


Monday Feb. 5th - Practice. 


Tuesday Feb. 6th - Practice. Section skiers - clean kick pocket, & leave Classic skis in Timing Building. 


Wednesday Feb 7th - Wax, Ski, Eat, Prep, T-shirts.  

                               Early out day. Section skiers arrive at GR at 2:30 to start waxing. Everyone skis.

                               Spaghetti Dinner in South Chalet to follow. 

                               *Purchase your 2018 Section 7 T shirt- $15 for short sleeve, $20 for long sleeve.

                               Practice ends at 6 pm. 



Thursday Feb 8th -  Section Meet, 11 am start. Everyone is excused from school. 

                             Team Camp is on 3rd floor of Lodge. (same as ME Invite) 

                             Skier's only. All ski fans need to respect the skier's time for rest & quiet. Keep your visits

                             to the meeting space outside of this room. 

                             Post Section Dinner- The Lodge Restaurant for all team members who want to come. Bring $.   


Friday Feb. 9th -     NO PRACTICE. 


Saturday Feb. 10th - JV / JH Championships at Spirit Mtn. 11 am start. 



                                                                    Happy skiers! End of a grueling ladder day! 


Week # 12. Last regular season race. We are ready!
Jan 27, 2018, 9:58 pm


There are only Three Rules on this Team.


1. Be a great person.  2. Be a great student.  3. Be a great athlete.   In that order. 



ME / VA / EG / MIB 2018 Section Teams


Boys: Reid, Isaac, Parker, Jared, Tylen, Kevin, Aaron

Girls: Anna, Christine, Callie, Natalie, Hannah, Briar, Stephanie 



TWELVE weeks we've been together now! We are counting down to great results! 


#thesekidsaregreat #awesometeam #thankyouparents #yoursupportisnumberone  



4 days until the ELY Invite.🤔

11 days until our SECTION meet.😅 

12 days until the JV/ JH CHAMPIONSHIPS.🙃

17 days until the CB RELAYS.😁

18 days until the STATE MEET.😎

19 days until us coaches.. RELAX??  😉 




                                                        All of our team hat designs - all at one practice last week!



Here's a look at what we'll be up to for the last week of January 2018.  


Monday 1/29: Practice - skiing. 

Tuesday 1/30: Practice - Waxing for JH, V / JV ski.  

Wednesday 1/31: Practice - Early out day. Varsity / JV skiers come to GR asap to start waxing  skis. Wax Hut open at 2:30 pm + skiing for everyone. Jr. Nordic Club meets. 

Thursday 2/1: ELY Invite, 11:00 am start. See race list for more info.  

Friday 2/2: Practice- V / JV only.  




Upcoming for our TEAM... 

PRE-SECTION SPAGHETTI DINNER: Wed. Feb. 7th during practice. For the entire team. More info to come. 

SECTION T SHIRTS: VOTE for your favorite background- yellow or grey background. Poll is at the top right hand corner of this page.

These shirts will be available for purchase at the Spaghetti Dinner.  Price to be determined yet. 

Thanks to Textiles Plus in Eveleth for their excellent design & service! 

Get yours early, they sell out quickly! 




Jan 22, 2018, 9:15 am


Only 2 more regular season meets left!

Duluth & Ely are on the top. Then we move into post season with the Section 7 meet at Giant's Ridge, followed by the JV / JH Championships at Spirit Mtn, while finishing up our ski calendar with the biggies- the Charlie Banks State Relays and the State Meet!  


Stay focused on your give-it-all practices.

Stay focused on your race performance and be there for your team.  

Stay focused on your healthy choices of nutrition and rest / recovery. 

Stay focused on your great attitude of learning, improving and moving forward. 

 * because the coaches want nothing but the best from all of you * 


The Korkki Nordic meet was a hit, our younger team pulled off some really awesome results. Classic skiing old school style, and acheiving trendy top of the line results! Congrats to all who skied their first race too!


The Bemidji Invite is also a wrap, and a race we hope to keep on our calendar. It was the first pursuit race of the season which produced exciting results by our top skiers! Skiing new trails with different competition (Section 8) was fun. As Arnold would say... we'll be baacckk! 


Let's make it a super smiley fun ski week!! 


Monday, 1/22- Practice. 4pm. For everyone. (ME doesn't have school)

Tuesday, 1/23-Practice 

Wednesday, 1/24-Practice / Jr. Nordic Club. Practice ends at 5:45.  

Thursday, 1/25- Practice / Wax  

Friday, 1/26: Duluth East Pursuit Invite, V / JV / JH. Snowflake Nordic Center, Duluth. 11:00 am start *Bus leaves  M.E. at 7:15 am. EG / VA skiers board bus at Super 8 in Eveleth at 7:30 am*  Return to Super 8 between 5-6 pm

Week # 10!
Jan 7, 2018, 6:22 pm

*updates as of Jan 13*



Monday 1/15:     Practice at 12pm. DRESS YOUR USUAL SUPER WARMEST! No bus for VA / EG skiers.

                           Please carpool.  

Tuesday 1/16:    Korkki Nordic ski race in Two Harbors. VA / EG / MIB skiers come to M.E. school

                            to board bus at 7:30 am. Check out race list on this site. 

Wednesday 1/17: Practice. Ends at 5:45 on Wednesdays.  

Thursdsay 1/18: Practice. 

Friday 1/19: Practice- SKI / WAX.

Saturday 1/20: Bemidji Pursuit at Beuna Vista Trails. See Race List for more info. *Bus loads at ME at 5:15 am. Picking up VA / EG / MIB skiers at 5:50 at Super 8 in Eveleth*. 


** Needed ** 

WAX GURU's for team wax nights. 

Our team is looking for more hands in the wax hut to help wax skis, during practice time, before a big meet. (Pursuits, Section Race, etc) We'd love to have a couple of new Dads (or Moms) who would like to get more involved with our team wax fests. No experience is necessary, all you have to do is follow some basic instruction from the others that help. The time committment is usually 3 hours or less. (3-6 pm, the day before a race). The dates needed yet this season: Friday - Jan 19, Thursday- Jan. 25, Wed - Jan. 31, Wed - Feb. 7. Currently our wax guru's are: Keith J, Jack G, Dan K, and some of us coaches. If you are interested, let Coach CJ know. THANKS for your support! 

Well, Mother Nature sure knows how to move our schedule around! But, we've GOT SNOW now! 



SMILES! That is what we've seen lately after last week's races!


Nice work everyone - at the Spirit Mtn. Meet and the ME Invite! Those finish places keep moving in the right direction - up, and as we always say... the first page of results is where you want to be!  :) 


That's a wrap for the 2018 ME Invite! 

Thanks to our team parents & Giant's Ridge volunteers for your support at the spaghetti feed & race day details.

Special kudo's to our key support crew at GR- "Pepsi" Deb Maki & Benji Neff, and booster club president -Sandy Tardiff. 

It was an awesome day all around!! 


The ritual of Captain's awards, (funny or serious prize offerings) are highly coveted and sought after from all team members. These super sugary, downright bad for you, and ultimately darn yummy, variety of candy handouts, are a hit- the day after a ski meet. Check in with your skier to see if he or she has been awarded a Captain's Award recently! 

THANKS to Captain's Kayla, Christine, Callie & Jared


WELCOME to our new volunteer Coach - Ms. Ashley Loe! See her in action at daily practices starting on Jan. 8th!!! 



ENTHUSIASTIC practicing and SERIOUS racing is our game plan this week.


Mon, Tues, Wed. PRACTICE





  *canceled*  (scheduled)  Thursday Jan 11, V/JV/JH/Newbies- CEC, Pine Valley in Cloquet. 4pm start Skiing under the lights! :) 

   *canceled* (added)      Saturday Jan 13, V/JV - at Beuna Vista in Bemidji. Pursuit Race.  Leave M.E. at 5:30 am. Pick up EG / VA skiers at  Super 8 in Eveleth at 5:45 am.  Start list will be posted Wednesday evening.  




WEEK 8 - practices & racing, cold weather, spaghetti feed, & the ME Invite!
Jan 4, 2018, 8:45 am

WEEK NO. 8. Looks like a repeat of 2017! 



 ** Mesabi East Invite Update **

  Due to cold temps, all races have been moved back an hour.

     Classic now starts at 12:00 pm. 




We are easing our way into a full race season now, and will strive for good things to happen. 

Concentrating on getting those "extra's" in that are talked about at practices, are at the top

of the list for achieving our goals.  


 PRACTICES: "Make it Count" is a team mantra. Get your head & body into the session.  It. Is. Up. To. You. 



- EQUIPMENT: Are your skis slow? Arms / hands not doing their thing with poles?

 GET.  YOUR. EQUIPMENT. CHECKED. At a ski shop and /or with a coach.  You may have grown! And things may be too small. 

-  RACING:  pay attention, to what works for you: pre-race routines, warm-ups, race strategies, cool-downs, etc. 

 TIME MANAGEMENT: schoolwork / projects, social life, work; these items are important, as is

   your commitment to the team. 

-  REST & NUTRITION: this sport requires complete dedication of a healthy routine. 

   Mentally & physically- what are your methods for optimal performance- before, during and after practices & races?

     Here are a few tips:  Get your sleep. Multivitamins / Iron supplements are important.

     Clean up your diets- no soda, extra sugars, bad foods, etc.  Hydrate.  

    Take your resting heart rate every morning.  Be a happy & kind person. 

-  FUN: always is the point of being on a team.  Skiing your best, everytime you put on those skinny skis, adds up to a

   successful & FUN season- for everyone! 


EXTRA COACH NEEDED for the rest of the 2017/18 Ski Season! 

We are looking for another coach to help out on a daily basis, 4-6pm to break up our large practice groups. 

Ski meets aren't necessary, but you are welcome to attend those with us also. 

A stipened will be provided. 

Contact Coach Johnson at 218 750 7904 for more info!  




The week ahead is exciting, as we enter into our home meet- the biggest high school nordic ski meet in the country! 

SKIERS & PARENTS- have a lot going on, and  the best part is that it is all a super fun time,  to do what we do best 

on & off the trails at Giant's Ridge!  


Wed, 1/3:    Practice. DRESS WARM! 

                    Classic & Skate for ME Invite skiers. 

                    Jr. Nordic Club begins. (see info on the Jr. Nordic Club page)


Thurs, 1/4 Practice. DRESS EXTRA WARM!! 

                    Classic & Skate dependent on your ME race. 

                    Jr H & Newbies- bring both sets of equipment.                     


Fri, 1/5:  Practice.  SKi / Wax / Spaghetti Feed  $5.00 per skier and/or family member

                              V / JV / JH  leave for feed after practice to eat togeather. Our time slot is 6:30.

                              The VA bus will drop our skiers off at the Biwabik Pavilion. The rest of team will carpool.

                              If your skier isn't helping, they will return to VA / EG school or ME.  

                               * PARENTS*  

                             Check your emails for spaghetti feed info, & call Sandy Tardiff at 229-2199

                             to reserve your favorite time slot for helping.

                             Bring a pan of bars or plate of cookies for your desserts. 


Sat. 1/6:  MESABI EAST INVITE, at Giant's Ridge. *12:00 pm* *START LIST IS POSTED ON RACE LIST PAGE* 

                 Classic skiers arrive at  10:00 am, Skate Skiers at 11:00 am 

                 Team Camp is in the Lodge. Come in main doors, go up the big open staircase. We have space there. 

                 Kinesio tape, Warm Skin will be on hand for the cold racing weather.  Bring your usual race food / water/ 


                 JR HIGH & NEWBIE TEAM: Get on the trail & cheer for your teammates! 



CHANGES. Sadly, we have them.
Dec 26, 2017, 5:00 pm

There are only Three Rules on this Team.

1. Be a great person.  2. Be a great student.  3. Be a great athlete.   In that order. 


Urgent Weather Update: Dec. 30, 2017  

Hey ski fans!
That plan to SKI this weekend... isn't gonna happen.
With these temps & windchill, it isn't safe. Find your groove with an indoor work out and...

Make. It. Count.

Stay warm & See ya'll on Monday!
#dang #mothernature  







Then be flexible & patient, warm & active, flexible & patient...  and smile as we coast along the ski trails to find our happy place of 1) SNOW 2) WARMER WEATHER


End of that sermon. 




We are looking ahead to some changes this week, so here we go...


The SKI TRIP to Hayward is cancelled, due to cold temps. The good news is that we didn't lose out on anything, and can use the reservation for another trip.  


PRACTICE will be held at Giant's Ridge- and take note of the times and groups.


WEDNESDAY, Dec. 27th, CLASSIC:  2-4pm. Varsity/JV/8th grade & up new skiers. (no 6th /7th graders)

Hand & Toe warmers & warm skin will be available. BYOB. (bring your own buff) BYOM. (bring your own music) Will be skiing lot's of K's with the coaches.  Hot chocolate and.. after. Meet in South Chalet. 



                                                             Nordic Warriors at the Summit 12/27! 


THURSDAY, Dec. 28th, CLASSIC:1-3 pm. V/JV/JH/Newbies

                                                  Similiar to day before, but with a twist. Cuz it's warmer.  :) 

                                                  Meet in Timing Bldg.


FRIDAY, Dec. 29th, CLASSIC & SKATE:  1-3 pm. V/JV/JH/Newbies

                                                *Mesabi East Invite Skiers & Technique will be announced at this practice.

                                                Meet in Timing Bldg. 


SAT. & SUN. Dec 30th / 31st:  V/JV  

                                                 Ski on your own or with a group for ME Invite prep.

                                                 Skate - Silver, Classic - Cedar / Gold. 


MON. Jan 1st: Noon-3 pm.  Meet in South Chalet.  Waxing / Skiing. 


TUE. Jan. 2nd: Ski Meet in Duluth at Spirit Mtn. 11 am start. Freestyle 

                         *See Race List on this site for more info* 


ICYMI- the REMIND app code was changed in November, and a notice was sent out then. (Some of you may have entered the previous code at the pre-season sign up, that one was deleted)

Last minute updates via your phone, is super helpful with our ever changing weather conditions during the season.   

For Iphone / Android users: open your web browser and go to this link: rmd.at/349dk4. Follow the instructions to sign up.  

If you don't have a smartphone, you can get text notifications. Text the message @349dk4 to the number 81010

Sorry for the confusion! 


First Ski Meet, Ski Trip, Party, Practices & more
Dec 13, 2017, 9:10 am

There are only Three Rules on this Team.

1. Be a great person.  2. Be a great student.  3. Be a great athlete.   In that order. 



Hey ski FANS!


The snow is slowly making it’s way back to us, and we are looking forward to getting on the awesome trails at GR.

In the meantime, the stadium has been our go-to home, and it has worked so far.

Our daily comment has been, “well at least we are on snow”.  😊


EVERYONE is skiing really well, and us coaches are always excited and satisfied after every practice, to see the happening improvements. This team is sporting 47 everyday smiles! 


A few notes & updates to what will be happening in the next few weeks..


Wednesday's practice sessions- will end earlier beginning today. Everyone is done & out by 5:45. (instead of 6 pm) Early departures for church are still the norm. Just check out with a coach. 


SKI TRIP- The deadline to sign up is Friday, Dec. 15th.  Hayward / Cable area is the direction we are headed to ski the Birkie trail & others.  Leave 8 am on Thurs. Dec. 28 & return mid afternoonish on Sat. Dec. 30th.  Cost is around $65-$75.00  for two nights of lodging, and a bit extra $25.00 ? for food. Open to all skiers 7th grade & up. And parents too.  We always love to adults with for driving, cooking, and just hanging with.  No skiing experience is necessary- but we’ll give you some equipment & lessons if you want!  So far, we have about 18-20 people signed up, and we can fill the lodge with 30.


FIRST SKI MEET (YAY!) -  Wednesday, Dec. 20th at Mt. Itasca. 11:00 am. Check the Ski Meet Line Up page for more info. First year skiers are included – either to race or just come to ski the warm -up & cheer. For meets, pack plenty of food & water. There is a concession that serves soup, cocoa etc. We will not stop to eat after this meet. 


SKI TEAM PRACTICE / CHRISTMAS PARTYThursday, Dec 21st, First day of Winter, Coach Jack's day, at GR during practice. Our team captains are planning this event. T-shirt game, Secret Santa’s, Ugly Sweater ski suit, ski relays, pizza & more are on their list of fun.


NO PRACTICE on these dates: Friday, Dec. 22 & 25.

PRACTICE will be held at 10:00 am on Dec. 26 & 27th & Jan. 1st (due to a ski meet on Jan. 2) There isn’t any transportation from the schools for any xmas break practices. Hopefully our skiers can carpool with other skiers & / or parents.


Noticeable THANKS to parents that have provided-

Lobster Mitts & Buffs: the kids are wearing them- great to see items to help keep the skiers warm during these stadium sessions. (it is warmer & less windy in the woods!) Mitts & / or super toasty gloves are necessary to keep the digits happy! 


Need some ski gift ideas???

Wrist or chest based heart rate monitor: a great training tool for your varsity skier / runner / all-around athlete.

Disposable hand / toe warmers:  these make great stocking stuffers, and we’ve used a lot lately!

Ski Socks: Wool / Poly blend is best to keep the feet warm.  Not too thick or too thin.  Regular socks … Just. Don’t. Work.

Glove / Mitten Liners: Thin glove worn under the mitt / glove help a lot. 

Ski Poles- they are a super helpful first piece of equipment for our skiers.

Team Hats- $20.00, available at practice. 


CHEERS to Benji N for providing great tracks & corduroy when needed,

& more CHEERS for our volunteer coaches that pitch in on short notice - Debby, August, Don, Jack, Paul, 



(PS- only 4 shopping days left… till Coach Jack J’s bday!) 😉


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