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Friday May 25 2018 

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Ely Ski Meet
Dec 15, 2011, 9:27 am

The Ely ski meet scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 18th, has been cancelled due to lack of snow.  At this point, it looks like a very good possibility, that this meet will be rescheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 20th, at Mt. Itasca.  More details to come. 


Let it SNOW!  



Dec 11, 2011, 12:43 pm

Grand Rapids Invite recap:  Overall our team did well, we had a few individuals who made the top 10 in their races, and our team scores were in the middle of the pack.  As this was our first meet, the coaches were able to get many views on how our skiers are skiing. We will keep focusing on technique in order to ski faster, while still concentrating on increasing our endurance load.  As Jack would often say " The birch trees have many sets of eyes in the woods".  Along with that, Mariah had a video camera on hand...  You will find complete results on Steve's Timing website:  www.boreal.org.  Please add this site to your "Favorites", as this is where all of ski meet results are posted.  


 New race photos have been added - check them out!


Looking ahead, we will not be skiing at Tuesday's Dec. 13th meet in Duluth. It is now a 6pm race on the alpine hill.  We will instead look ahead to the Ely Classic race on Sat. 12/18.


 CHRISTMAS PARTY:  Our Christmas ski practice party will be held on Thursday, Dec. 22.  We have moved the date from Wed. 12/21, since VA school is still in session.  I need to know who is staying overnite (in the sports dorms)  on Thurs. 12/22. Please sign up on the bulletin board asap.


TEAM HATS- I have some left from last season's order.  Pick up & pay at

 practice-$ 14.00 each.


Team Jackets- were ordered. If you have any questions - call Norma Jean Jofs.


Picture Day- Thursday, Dec. 15. Forms went home with the skiers this week.  Skiers need to bring their "FLAME" and their black / grey team jacket (if they have one). 


Dec 5, 2011, 11:16 am


Ski Funnies  Smile from JohnnyKlister.com


Stand and Destroy

Handler: Listen up people, you need to spread out and occupy every blind corner. I want no one to ski around a stretch of trail without fearing a plucky bunch of Minnesotans standing headlong on the trail.

Small concerned high school athlete: But shouldn’t we continue skiing as much as possible?

Handler: WE DIDN’T DRIVE 18 HOURS TO SKI HERE, PEOPLE. IF WE WANTED TO SKI, WE WOULD HAVE GONE TO BEMIDJI. (Collects self) Listen, those corners aren’t going to occupy themselves.

Outspoken older high school athlete: But, boss, I’m really hoping to get as much skiing in as possible to be ready for the season.

Handler: There are months until the state meet. You need to follow a strict plan of shuffle, obstruct and taper. Are we clear???

Outspoken older high school athlete: But the first JOQ is mere weeks away? And…

Handler: LISTEN! YOU GET OUT THERE AND OBSTRUCT. NO ONE CARES ABOUT P’s and Q’s or WHATEVER. (Adopts somber tone.) Now listen, some of you aren’t coming back alive. But that’s why there are 700,000 of you. Without you, master skiers and their reign of terror over the Dead Dog and Deja View landscape will last forever. Now live the dream.

Students: (With Braveheart-esque fury- skiing forth:) AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG

New Team Website !!
Nov 29, 2011, 12:57 pm

Skiers, families & ski fans will now be able to find everything they need on the new ME / VA / E-G Nordic Website.  Practice and meet schedules are listed, but can change often.  Please view the team handbook for all of the team's policies and expectations.  It has been updated from last year with a couple of noticable changes to the lettering and cell phone policies.  The Photo Gallery will compensate for all the individual emailing I have done in the past.  Have photo's to share?  Email them to me and I will post them on the website. The website will keep evolving and improving- let me know if you have suggestions and or ideas! I hope the website will be a beneficial and efficient tool for all of us!  


On another note, a big welcome to our new coaches!  Tony Norland and Mariah Peterson are our 2011/12 volunteer coaches and we are thrilled to have them on board.


Tony is an art teacher at Virginia Public Schools, and is originally from Marshall. Tony & Jenna K. were co-coaches for thr VA cross country team this fall. Tony is a graduate of UMD, and is enjoying the northland. You'll find him on the Ridge trails most evenings..


Mariah is originally from Houghton, MI and is a recent graduate of SCSU where she was a member of the nordic ski team.  Mariah is currently working in the Keewatin - Nashwauk schools as a permanent substitue teacher for the rest of the school year.  She and her husband Josh live in Virginia. 


We are lucky to have a coaching staff of 5! 



(PS- I am still trying to get the Golden Bear Logo up on the banner...)

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