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Friday May 25 2018 

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Week # 12. Last regular season race. We are ready!
Jan 30, 2017, 10:15 am


Snow. Snow. Snow. 


We could use a bit to freshen up our trails, and hope not to "klister skis" for this week's race! 

TeN days remain until our Section 7 Meet. (Feb. 9)  Twelve days & counting down for the Jr. High / JV Championships. (Feb. 11)

We are fine tuning everything we know, and we'll know what to do, when those days arrive!  


                                                   LOOK OUT. WE'RE COMING!  



Here is what we're looking at for this week....


Monday, 1/30: Practice

Tuesday, 1/31: Practice

Wednesday, 2/1:  Waxing starts at 2:30 pm, Ski in between.

Thursday, 2/2: SKI MEET in ELY. Pursuit Race for V. JV / JH Skate races.

                      Jr. Nordic Club - 4pm 

Friday, 2/3: Practice

Saturday, 2/4: Varsity Practice 9-11. Lunch & Team outing after. 


Upcoming for our TEAM... 

PRE-SECTION SPAGHETTI DINNER: Wed. Feb. 8th during practice. For the entire team-

V / JV / JH. Call Sandy  to contribute. 229-2199. Thanks for your help! 

SECTION T SHIRTS: Will be available for purchase at the Spaghetti Dinner.  $17 short sleeve, $22 long sleeve.

Get yours early, they sell out quickly! 



And, mark your calendar for the End of Season Team Banquet: Sunday, Feb. 26 at the Biwabik Pavilion. More info to come. 



See ya on the trails! 


Week # 11, two regular season meets left!
Jan 24, 2017, 1:37 pm


WEEK # 11!  


                       Let's just go with lucky double digits for the week.

                                      No problems, no surprises!   :)  









Tuesday, 1/24: Practice


Wednesday, 1/25: Practice 


Thursday, 1/26: Practice / Wax 

                         Jr. Nordic Club 


Friday, 1/27: Duluth East Pursuit Invite, V / JV / JH. Snowflake Nordic Center, Duluth. 11:00 am start 

                     *Bus leaves  M.E. at 7:15 am. EG / VA skiers board bus at Super 8 in Eveleth at 7:30 am*

                      Return to Super 8 between 5-6 pm



See ya on the trails! 


Week #10. Korkki & Marshall Sprint races
Jan 15, 2017, 12:32 pm

UPDATE as of Wednesday, Jan. 18th :

For Saturday's meet at Duluth Marshall:

Our last race will now be at 2:45, (instead of 4:15). We will stop to eat at the Food Court at the mall. 

Return to Mesabi East around 5 pm. 





WEEK # 10 


That's a wrap for the 2017 ME Invite!  Yay for our skiers! Thanks to our team parents & Giant's Ridge volunteers for 

their time & talent for the spaghetti feed & race details.  Special kudo's to our key support crew at GR-

 "Pepsi" Deb Maki, John Filander & Todd Roswald, & our own Mesabi East booster president- Sandy Tardiff.  

 Another shout out to our team photo guy- Ron Kutsi.  All those fantastic action shots - are courtesy of him!!  

All (we)  have to do is show up. And ski fast.  

Got it done!!


Results were awesome- all the way around.  Our skiers produced sooo many smiles, after their race, you knew it was

a great day! It was wonderful to hear such great postitive comments from everyone.  The girls team took 2nd overall,

while the boys came in 21st.   750 skiers & 47 teams toed the line yesterday.   Dang impressive standings for the biggest high school ski meet in the country!

The timing for this meet was done by Superior Tiiming.  Here is the link for all the results. 

http://my1.raceresult.com/66296/ . 


 * New Photos are posted on this site & our team Facebook page * 


The invite also garnered front page Sport news in Sunday's Mesabi Daily News!   Check it out here:



 "Coach's Corner" page on this site is updated: check out the videos on Double Pole & Double Pole Kick.  We'll be working on it this week. 

We have a daily count down at practice now.  22 days till the Section Meet as of today.  Whaat? Whew. Ok.   LET's GO !!





                                                FRONT & CENTER - for every practice & every race.                                        




ENTHUSIASTIC practicing and SERIOUS racing is our plan for this week! 

Monday, 1/16:   Practice

Tuesday, 1/17:   Ski Meet- Korkki Nordic. Two Harbors area.  V/ JV / JH. "Old school" CLASSIC race.  Awards for best vintage

                           ski suits too! Leave M.E. at  7:30 am.  VA & EG skiers come to M.E.  Bus returns to M.E. around 5 pm. 

Wednesday, 1/18: Practice

Thursday, 1/19:  Practice & Jr. Nordic Club

Friday, 1/20:  Practice

Saturday, 1/21:  Ski Meet- Marshall Sprints. Duluth Marshall School.  V/ JV/ JH. Sprint Relays & Pursuit.

                           Everyone boards bus at M.E. at 6:15 am. 

                            JH races are at 9:30 am. Mass start. 

                           *Jr. High / New skier Parents* - if you'd like to take your skier home after their race, it is fine.  

                            Bring a note for Coach Johnson. 

                            This meet is a long day, with the last Varsity races starting at 4:15 pm. 








Week # 9- practice, race, practice, race!
Jan 8, 2017, 10:11 am

 ME Invite UPDATE:   (update as of Jan. 13) 

 Classic Skiers arrive at 10am, Skate Skiers arrive at 1pm.

 Team Camp in Fitness Center in LODGE. 


WEEK # 9!


Let's hope for a stable, predictable week of team togetherness! 


Wrapping up the most recent edition of  (hope-it's-over-for-the- season) terrible temps last week,

we crossed a few neccessary items off our "gotta do it today" list.

Two show & tell topics were: 

1) Theory & Application: Kick Wax, & 2) Technique Video's for Classic & Skate Skiing. 

It was great to review these important measures of ski racing! 



                                   (Kind of spot on??!!) 




Serious practicing & enthusiastic racing is our forecast

for Week # 9!



Sunday 1/8 - 1:45 pm - 3 pm.  Giant's Ridge Youth Ski Leauge volunteer.  V / JV skiers are encouraged to help.  :)   

Monday 1/9 - practice

Tuesday 1/10- Ski Meet; CEC Invite at Pine Valley in Cloquet.  V / JV / JH Skate race. 4pm. 

Wednesday 1/11 - practice

Thursday 1/12 - practice 

                      - Jr. Nordic Club 

Friday 1/13  -  Practice.  SKi / Wax / Sphaghetti Feed 

Jr. High: No skiing. Go to Spaghetti Feed. 

V / JV leave for feed after practice.  

* PARENTS*  Check your emails for spaghetti feed info, & call Sandy Tardiff at 229-2199

  to reserve your favorite time slot for helping.  Bring a pan of bars or plate of cookies for your desserts. 


Saturday 1/14 -  MESABI EAST INVITE;  V/JV - at Giant's Ridge. 1 pm. 

Classic Skiers arrive at GR at 10:00 am.  Skate Skiers arrive at 1 pm. 

Kinesio tape, Warm Skin will be on hand for the cold racing weather.  Bring your usual race food / water/ 


JR HIGH & NEWBIE TEAM: Get on the trail & cheer for your teammates! 



See ya on the trail. 




WEEK 8 - practices & racing, cold weather, spaghetti feed, & the ME Invite!
Jan 2, 2017, 8:02 am

     ** Thursday, Jan 5th UPDATE **

      The Mesabi East Invitational has been postponed and rescheduled to:  

      SATURDAY, JAN 14th. 1 PM.  



Week # 8!


 Christmas break- seems like a long time ago already... and our routine was different, but we got it done! 


 Most of the team headed to Michigan for a 3 day / 2 night ski camp and brought back several meaningful insights! 

 Thanks parents - for letting your skier attend.   Lots of good memories were made! 


We are easing our way into a full race season now, and will strive for good things to happen. 

Concentrating on getting those "extra's" in that are talked about at practices, are at the top

of the list for achieving our goals.  


-  PRACTICES: "Make it Count" is a team mantra. Get your head & body into the session.  It's up to you.

-  RACING:  pay attention, to what works for you: pre-race routines, warm-ups, race strategies, cool-downs, etc. 

-  TIME MANAGEMENT: schoolwork / projects, social life, work; these items are important, as is

   your committment to the team. 

-  REST & NUTRITION: this sport requires complete dedication of a healthy routine. Mentally & physically- what

   are your methods for optimal performance- before, during and after practices & races?

     Here are a few tips:  Get your sleep. Multivitamins / Iron supplements are important.

     Clean up your diets- no soda, extra sugars, bad foods, etc.  Hydrate.  

    Take your resting heart rate every morning.  Be a happy & kind person. 

-  FUN: always is the point of being on a team.  Skiing your best, everytime you put on those skinny skis, adds up to a

   successful & FUN season- for everyone! 




The week ahead is exciting, as we enter into our home meet- the biggest high school nordic ski meet in the country! 

SKIERS & PARENTS- have a lot going on, and  the best part is that it is all a super fun time,  to do what we do best 

on & off the trails at Giant's Ridge!  



Mon, 1/2: 10-1 Practice- everyone. Skiing / Waxing.

                        Newbies & Jr. High will end at noon. 

Tues, 1/3: V / JV SKi Meet at Snowflake in Duluth, 11 am. Everyone boards bus at M.E. Leave at 7:30 am. 

                JH & Newbies, & others not racing: Practice: 4-6 pm.  Coaches Mariah & Paul will there. 


Wed, 1/4:  Practice.  DRESS WARM!!


Thurs, 1/5: * All Practices & Groups canceled due to cold weather *  (updated 1/4)

                     Practice. DRESS EXTRA WARM!! 

                     *JR NORDIC CLUB* begins! 


Fri, 1/6:  Practice.  SKi / Wax / Sphaghetti Feed 

                             Jr. High will ski until 5, & then leave to help out with Spaghetti Feed.

                             V / JV leave for feed after practice.  

                            * PARENTS*  Check your emails for spaghetti feed info, & call Sandy Tardiff at 229-2199

                             to reserve your favorite time slot for helping.  Bring a pan of bars or plate of cookies for your desserts. 

Sat. 1/7:  MESABI EAST INVITE, at Giant's Ridge. 11:30 am.

                 Classic skiers arrive at 9:30 am, Skate Skiers at 11:30 am. 

                 Kinesio tape, Warm Skin will be on hand for the cold racing weather.  Bring your usual race food / water/ 


                 JR HIGH & NEWBIE TEAM: Get on the trail & cheer for your teammates! 


Again - THANK YOU - for your support & encouragement for your skier, and the whole team.  

Our ski season wouldn't happen without you! 






Dec 18, 2016, 7:44 am


Week # 6!


Got that first meet done.  It was fun to be back with all of our Section 7 skier- friends, and good to know what

the coaches and skiers need to work on!  :)  Also seen were many smiles, and our newbie skiers were at the

top of that list- WTG to all first year skiers! 

All the results (& official start lists) for our ski races can be found at "Steve's Timing".  Here is the link: 


And... lots of new photos are posted on our team FB page from the Ely Invite- check it out!  




Up next is race # 2, on Tuesday Dec 20th at Mt. Itasaca. (rescheduled from Dec 10)  Get those details

on the Ski Meet Line Up page.  


After that, we resume some practices, have a ski Christmas party, and take a few days off to enjoy

the holiday and our families.  We'll be back at it on Monday, Dec. 26 with a 10 am practice.  



There is still room available, we rented another facility, so if you want to come with, let Coach CJ know asap.

Currently, 22 skiers, 3 coaches & 1 parent are on the list. 

We are going to Ironwood Michigan and will be skiing the trails at ABR, Wolverine, and Brule.  (lots of great snow everywhere!)

Our lodging is a big house  + cottage, so we are all together.  Leave M.E. school at 8:00 am on Tue. Dec 27.

 All skiers need to come to ME to load and leave. Return on Thursday Dec. 29 to M.E. late afternoon.   

Cost: $80.00 - make check out to ME / VA / EG SKi Boosters. Pay by Wednesday.

Bring: Your fav. cereal, bagels, etc. breakfast food. Snacks.  We'll provide bread, PB, Jelly, Milk, Juice, Fruit, Veggies

            & dinner one night.

            Bring extra money for dinner on 2nd night. (probably pizza) 

            Bring both sets of ski equipment, ski clothes, swimsuit, etc. 



THE SCHEDULE for Dec 19- Jan 2. 


Monday 12/19 - Practice. 

Tuesday 12/20 - Meet at Mt. Itasca. Bus leaves M.E. at 7:15, VA at 7:40.  

Wednesday 12/21 - Practice.

Thursday 12/22 - Team Xmas Party & SKi. 

Friday 12/23 - No Practice. 


Monday 12/26 - Practice 10- noon.  

Tuesday 12/27- Thurs 12/29 - SKI TRIP 

Friday 12/30 -  PURSUIT TT for Varsity / JV only, 10 am.

                        Bring classic & skate. 

                        Race entries for the Mesabi East Invite to be decided.


Monday Jan 2 - 10:00 - 1 pm  practice for everyone. 

Tuesday Jan 3 - SKI MEET at Snowflake in Duluth. V/JV teams only. 

                                        Image result for images for santa skiing


Great snow, great practices, great things going on!!
Dec 11, 2016, 8:55 pm


Week # 5


We are all very thankful & happy to see SNOW! And the timing was perfect. At every practice- it SNOWED.   :) 

Our ski practices are starting to gel, and what a treat to see so many skiers on Saturday & Sunday at GR, putting in the time & effort!!








We'll keep things going with a big finish for Friday, the first meet of the season, in Ely. Get the details for this race on the

" Ski Meet Line-Up" page on this site.  Check back for your skier's start time.  These will be posted on Thursday.   


Practices:  12/12-12/15 

Meet:  at Hidden Valley (Ely) 12/16, 11:00 am.  


Looking ahead:


-  Ski team Xmas party Thursday, Dec. 22 during practice.  

-  Christmas Break ski practices will be posted.  Dec. 26, 30, Jan 2. 

-  Christmas Break SKi Camp / Trip is Dec 27-29th, place to be determined in a few days. Either Michigan or Wisconsin. 

      Trip is open to skiers in 7th grade & up, and parents too! 

      $80 includes lodging & trail passes for 2 days & nights.  Breakfast / lunch / dinner will be provided

      and prepared by all who attend. 

- The Jr. Nordic Club begins Thurs. Jan 5.  This is open to all 5th & 6th grade students of ME / VA / EG.

       All the information is on this site, under the Jr. Nordic Club. 


The skiing has been terrific, and everyone is improving daily!


Looking forward to another great week! 






Week # 4! Lost - SNOW! Found- first ski meet of the season!!
Dec 3, 2016, 11:55 am

 **  Saturday's Dec 10th ski meet has been canceled and rescheduled to Tuesday Dec 20th**



Check out the technique videos on classic & skate- refresh your key points to skiing.

TECHNIQUE is what it's all about! 



Week # 4!


It's been a unpredictable week of ... everything!  We lost all the recent snowfall, and gained an addition of icy, wet, muddy, glop-covered hills & trails.  :( 

But .. the smiles seen at practice are worthy of all the daily unknown happenings! :)  


Some of our highlights were:  


- A very nice donation to the team from the East Range Rotary!



- Group "Insanity" work out- this was fun to do.

- Popcorn / technique video practice- a good way to wind down our week.

- Ski Hut & Bentleyville outing = Team Bonding & more! 


Week 4 looks like this:


Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri; Dec 5-9th.

Conditions change frequently, bring all ski equipment & running gear daily.

Hats, gloves, outwear is always a must. 


Picture Day is Friday, Dec. 9th- bring your team uniforms, ski boots, ski hat, warm up jacket & some sort of black pants. 


Saturday Dec. 10th-  first SKI MEET of the season at Mt. Itasca in Coleraine, 11:00 am.   (snow dependent)

Our 2nd year skiers & up will race.  All of our newbie skiers are encouraged to come along to ski the warm up, and cheer for our team.  No racing yet for them.  More details to come on the ski meet line up page on this website. 



For Sale at practices:

        Water bottle belts & holders - TOKO brand:  insulated belt is $30.00, single water bottle belt is $ 24.00. 

        Team Ski Hats- last year's style available for $20.00.  New team hats are in the works! 

        Baseball style Team Hat- $ 20.00 (makes a great gift!) 


Keep up-to-date on pics & more on our Facebook page too!



Here's to a SNOWY & productive week of ski practice! 







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