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Monday July 23 2018 

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Great snow, great practices, great things going on!!
Dec 11, 2016, 8:55 pm


Week # 5


We are all very thankful & happy to see SNOW! And the timing was perfect. At every practice- it SNOWED.   :) 

Our ski practices are starting to gel, and what a treat to see so many skiers on Saturday & Sunday at GR, putting in the time & effort!!








We'll keep things going with a big finish for Friday, the first meet of the season, in Ely. Get the details for this race on the

" Ski Meet Line-Up" page on this site.  Check back for your skier's start time.  These will be posted on Thursday.   


Practices:  12/12-12/15 

Meet:  at Hidden Valley (Ely) 12/16, 11:00 am.  


Looking ahead:


-  Ski team Xmas party Thursday, Dec. 22 during practice.  

-  Christmas Break ski practices will be posted.  Dec. 26, 30, Jan 2. 

-  Christmas Break SKi Camp / Trip is Dec 27-29th, place to be determined in a few days. Either Michigan or Wisconsin. 

      Trip is open to skiers in 7th grade & up, and parents too! 

      $80 includes lodging & trail passes for 2 days & nights.  Breakfast / lunch / dinner will be provided

      and prepared by all who attend. 

- The Jr. Nordic Club begins Thurs. Jan 5.  This is open to all 5th & 6th grade students of ME / VA / EG.

       All the information is on this site, under the Jr. Nordic Club. 


The skiing has been terrific, and everyone is improving daily!


Looking forward to another great week! 






Week # 4! Lost - SNOW! Found- first ski meet of the season!!
Dec 3, 2016, 11:55 am

 **  Saturday's Dec 10th ski meet has been canceled and rescheduled to Tuesday Dec 20th**



Check out the technique videos on classic & skate- refresh your key points to skiing.

TECHNIQUE is what it's all about! 



Week # 4!


It's been a unpredictable week of ... everything!  We lost all the recent snowfall, and gained an addition of icy, wet, muddy, glop-covered hills & trails.  :( 

But .. the smiles seen at practice are worthy of all the daily unknown happenings! :)  


Some of our highlights were:  


- A very nice donation to the team from the East Range Rotary!



- Group "Insanity" work out- this was fun to do.

- Popcorn / technique video practice- a good way to wind down our week.

- Ski Hut & Bentleyville outing = Team Bonding & more! 


Week 4 looks like this:


Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri; Dec 5-9th.

Conditions change frequently, bring all ski equipment & running gear daily.

Hats, gloves, outwear is always a must. 


Picture Day is Friday, Dec. 9th- bring your team uniforms, ski boots, ski hat, warm up jacket & some sort of black pants. 


Saturday Dec. 10th-  first SKI MEET of the season at Mt. Itasca in Coleraine, 11:00 am.   (snow dependent)

Our 2nd year skiers & up will race.  All of our newbie skiers are encouraged to come along to ski the warm up, and cheer for our team.  No racing yet for them.  More details to come on the ski meet line up page on this website. 



For Sale at practices:

        Water bottle belts & holders - TOKO brand:  insulated belt is $30.00, single water bottle belt is $ 24.00. 

        Team Ski Hats- last year's style available for $20.00.  New team hats are in the works! 

        Baseball style Team Hat- $ 20.00 (makes a great gift!) 


Keep up-to-date on pics & more on our Facebook page too!



Here's to a SNOWY & productive week of ski practice! 







Week # 3! SKIING, Trail Passes, Team Trip, and ...
Nov 27, 2016, 3:31 pm


Week # 3 !


Glad to have things coming together like: 


- we've GOT SNOW!

- Skiers & coaches are back from West Yellowstone!

- Ski equipment- CLASSIC is mostly distributed, and we'll get the SKATE stuff out this week too! 

- New skiers are still joining the team  - great to see! 

- SKIING every day!! 


Here is what we have going on this week! 


Monday 11/28-Thurs 12/1

  Skiers need to bring their ski boots to & from practice daily. Skis & poles need to be

  in a ski bag and these are left at Giant's Ridge in the equipment shed. Water Bottles - are a must too. 

 * Ski Bags are needed now.  Let a coach know if you need to borrow a bag from the team. 

 * Ski Lockers are available to rent for the season if your skier is interested.  These cost $ 90.00 and are located in the chalet where we meet for practices. 

 ** Trail Passes need to be purchased this week**  The cost is $99 for age 13 & up, $49 for age 12.  To not pay sales tax, you can buy as a group. 

    Contact Heather Jones at  jones.heather@outlook.com for more information about the group pass sale.  Contact a coach if your skier cannot buy a pass.  



Friday, 12/2                        

Team trip to Duluth to SKI HUT, Bentleyville & dinnner.  Leave ME at 3:30, VA 3:50, EG at 4:10. 

Be back in the VA / EG area around 9:30.  Using school & personal vehicles. 

* Parents are welcome! (and we may need an extra driver or two) * 

 SKI HUT - Wax Clinic / Shopping : need any equipment?  This is a great time to check out various items-

boots, skis, poles, wax, clothing, etc.  

Sign up for this at Monday's practice. If you are going on this outing, you'll need to bring money for dinner, 

& an item for the food shelf for Bentleyville.  


Sat. 12/3

Varsity / JV practice, 9-11. 



Other need to know items for the week:

- Team Jacket orders are due Tuesday, Nov. 29th.  If you need an order form, email Coach Cheri.

- For Sale at practices:

        Water bottle belts & holders - TOKO brand:  insulated belt is $30.00, single water bottle belt is $ 24.00. 

        Team Ski Hats- last year's style available for $20.00.  New team hats are in the works! 

        Baseball style Team Hat- $ 20.00 (makes a great gift!) 



Let's have a GREAT week! 


Cheri Johnson, coach- ME / VA / EG Nordic Ski Team








First Day / Week of the 2016 Season! • Activity Forms- these are posted on your school websites or pick one up from your AD
Nov 13, 2016, 2:38 pm


 update as of Mon. 11/14


It was wonderful to see everyone at today’s first practice! 

As always, it’s never enough time to get everything done, and it will take a bit of time to find our routine.


A couple of changes are on tap for this week and next week practices:


-          Wednesday 11/16, practice will end at 5:15, instead of 6pm.  Coaches have a meeting at ME at 5:30.

-          Friday 11/18, skiers will work out at their respective schools instead of coming to Giant’s Ridge.

           NO PRACTICE at Giant’s Ridge.  

-          Mon 11/21 & Tues 11/22. practice 4-6 pm at GR.

-          Wed & Thurs 11/23 & 11/24, 11/25 no practice. Happy Turkey Holiday.


** VA / EG SKIERS **

VA / EG skiers need to ride the bus to practice as much as possible. 

If something comes up, and they aren’t riding the bus, they need to notify one of the VA / EG (bus) captains.  The bus driver will have a roster of skiers, starting tomorrow.

The main issue, is not knowing who is riding, and who isn’t.   


Please get your skier’s Activity forms / clearance slips in asap.


Thanks & THINK SNOW!! 


First day / week of  practice- and here is a list of what-to - bring & what-to-know !   


  • Activity Forms- these are posted on your school websites or pick one up from your AD’s office.  Complete and return to your AD. 


  • Clearance Slip- bring to practice. No Clearance slip = no practice.


  • Skier ID info cards, Medical Consent forms, Skier Handbook page, Team Jacket order form turn into coaches.


  • Bus Transportation for practices:  ME students ride bus # 6, a regular school bus route.  Arrive at Giant’s Ridge about 3:45?  VA / EG skiers:  Bus leaves VA school at door #6 at 3:15, then stops at the Gilbert JH to pick up EG skiers.

          The VA bus will return skiers to Gilbert JH, and to VA school by 6:30 each day.  Wednesdays for ME students: Bus will pick you up in front of Commons at 3:30.


  • Practice: runs 4-6pm, M-F.    


  • Bring: running shoes, water bottle, some sort of BLAZE ORANGE.  Veteran skiers: bring classic ski poles.  


  • Wear: outdoor gear. Layers, tights, pants, hat, gloves. etc. 


  • Ski Bags. Buy one soon.  Longer the better. At least 210 cm.  Hoping to get team skis out soon.  Purschase at ski shops or online.  Ebags.com has a good selection like this one: 


           We also have a limited quantity of team bags that can be borrowed for the season. 


  • Know someone who is interested in skiing? Bring ‘em with!


  • Snow dance- do it!  No one enjoys dry land training!!



Any questions? Get ahold of Coach CJ. 

Looking forward to a super snowy, great fun and successful season!








Cheri Johnson







See you on Sunday, Nov. 6th !
Oct 31, 2016, 8:50 pm




Hot of the press!  

There are still available seats / spots open for the ski trip to West Yellowstone Montana!   Nov 18-26. Open to Varsity / JV skiers, and others with ski team experience!

Get on the bus, and get on early SNOW!  Lots of our skiers have been atttending this ski festival for 5 + years.

Our fabulous booster club offers $100 scholarship to each ME / VA / EG skier.  Call Coach CJ for more info! 





 2016 / 17  PRE SEASON MEETING! 











Check out our non- skiing new team hat! For those days, when you just have to cover up that ski hat mess on your head!

$20.00 each, and available for purchase at the team meeting.  Makes a great gift too!! 



Preseason Meeting - Sun. Nov. 6th :)
Oct 12, 2016, 8:15 am


FALL MAGAZINE UPDATE:  1st load to Verso =  10,700 lbs.

                                        2nd load to Verso =  3,620 lbs.


Grand Total for collection of glossy paper   =   14, 320 lbs.  

THANK YOU to all who saves paper for us, and to those that load & unload into the trucks & trailers! 

Keep saving, our spring drive will be in April! 



Skiers of the ME / VA / EG team- we have an INVITATION!

This is from the staff at Giant's Ridge.

"You are cordially invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the official Grand Opening of the new chalet at Giants Ridge, on behalf of Mesabi East VA / EG Nordic ski team.

 The ribbon cutting will be at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, October 21 at Giants Ridge, followed by refreshments. Please join us at 1:00 p.m. to dedicate this new facility to the Iron Range people and communities." 


 * Let's meet at 12:45 at the old chalet. Wear your team jacket! *


Ski Fans!

The 2016/17 Nordic Ski Season will get a head start with the preseason meeting on

Sunday, Nov. 6th, 6 pm, at Giant's Ridge, in the South Day Chalet. (old chalet)

Mark your calendars, bring a friend, and practice that snow dance routine!

First day of practice is Monday, Nov 14th. Ya Hooo!!   



2016 West Yelly Trip Info is out!! They're out! The 2016 West Yellowstone Ski Trip Forms! This trips fills up super fast, so do
Oct 2, 2016, 1:00 pm


They're out! The 2016 West Yellowstone Ski Trip Forms! 

This trips fills up super fast, so download, sign & mail in your deposit ASAP! The cost is $610 up front per skier.  (The ME/VA/EG booster club gives out $100 scholarships towards this trip, so the final cost is $510.

Checks will be issued the first week of practice). Here is the link to the Duluth East ski website for all necessary WY forms. https://www.eteamz.com/denordic/  & a link to the WY Ski Festival site: http://www.skirunbikemt.com/yellowstone-ski-festival.html 


We've been going on this trip for several years!  Just ask anyone who has attended - why- they keep going back and you'll get filled in!  


We go to West Yelly because...

   -  they have EARLY SNOW, and LOTS of it! 

   -  beautiful trails with PERFECT grooming! 

   -  skiing lots of K's with your friends in the morning, and awesome COACHING sessions in the afternoon!

   -  THE SKI EXPO!!  THANKSGIVING DINNER & TALENT SHOW!  Week long funny contests!  

   -  SKi tour to the PARK & RIVER day!

   -  the FREE HEEL & WHEEL SKI shop!! 

   -  nothing better than 19 hours of riding, sleeping & watching movies on the bus! 

   -  WALMARTS- we know em.  Especially like the Bozeman stop for grocercies! 

   -  And then there is everyone's top favorite... HOMEWORK DAY!   

    Tongue Out

   The best part of the annual West Yelly Trip, (besides skiing our brains out),  is really all the new friendships that are made with sooo many other great nordic people!

   (all this thanks to Duluth East coaches Bonnie / Dave Kask !!) 


     Nuff said. Sign up.  ASAP!!



     Last year's ME / VA / EG  West Yelly Crew                                                                                                                    


               60 + k of trails! 







Feels like FALL!!!
Sep 20, 2016, 3:31 pm


  Hello SKI FANS!


  Things are happening in the (pre season) of ski season for the coaches, the ski booster club and at Giant's Ridge!  


  I KNOW things are happening for you skiers too, as the updates unfold on your school's social media pages & local newspapers- of who is doing what, where, when & how!

  Keep those fall coaches happy, and always...    




  The results will surface at the right time, AND ... you'll be ready for the 2016/2017 ski season!  :)     



   Those "things" that are front & center:  


  Friday, Sept. 30th, 4-6 pm at the Village Inn Parking Lot.  Volunteers are needed to unload.  This is a super successful TEAM FUNDRAISER that helps our team with ski trips, apparel, wax & more.

  Please call Sandy Tardiff at 229-2199 to sign up. 



  No, the info isn't posted (yet), but like our team's FaceBook page for (soon) upcoming posts.

  The date of this trip is Friday, Nov. 18 - Sat. Nov. 26, and open to skiers who have skied 2 full seasons on the team or a Varsity skier with one year on the team. (usually 9th grade & up)     

  Duluth East now charters 3 busses - that's how popular this trip is!  We graciously jump on, with other skiers from other schools like: DE, Ely, Two Harbors, Grand Rapids, Bemidji, Brainerd, Duluth Denfeld, etc.

  Last year's trip cost was: $605.00.  The team booster club gives out $100.00 scholarships to each skier who attends the WY ski trip.  This fee covers everything but 3 meals. 

  This trip fills up SUPER fast.  First come basis.  If you are interested, and / or have questions, call Coach or talk to the captains who have attended:  Josh, Anna, Emma, Lynnette.  

  Snow watch & more at this site: http://www.skirunbikemt.com/yellowstone-ski-festival.html  & check out their FB page too! 



  Our team will have a real home this season!  The South DAY Chalet! Take a look! First day of practice: MONDAY, NOV 14th! 










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